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Why Should You Go With Professional Piano Movers?

When it comes to an ordinary move, it is often something that you can handle on your own. However, if you are trying to move a massive instrument like a piano, it’s time to call in the professionals. Moving a piano by yourself is physically impossible and you run the risk of hurting yourself and damaging property. Not to mention of course the piano itself. And if you are a professional musician, you will know how expensive it is to get your instrument repaired.

Even if you are dealing with moving a piano just a few stairs, you will need a team of at least three professionals and a really sturdy dolly. This is in the case of an upright piano. Once the piano is placed on the dolly, it will need at least two people to wheel it without allowing the piano to totter around and tip over. There is a method to doing this that only professionals are able to manage. There has to be a careful balance between weight and movement.

When you have movers working on this, they will ensure that the legs of the piano remain intact and don’t break. Then again, professionals will use the dolly to move a piano from one place to another only on short distances and that too on a flat surface. They will never opt for it when moving pianos down floors. Dollies are what help reposition a move.

Dolly’s cannot be used in situations where one has to move a grand piano or has to negotiate corners. The size and weight of the grand piano alone are enough to necessitate some other means of movement. In most cases, movers look for freight elevators which will allow safe movement. If this is not an option, they will look at hoisting the piano out of the building through a window with the help of a crane. Again, many hands will be required to ensure that this move is done safely and in a balanced manner. A group of professionals will also have a communication system in place which will allow each of them to let the other know what needs to be done. Often this can be with mere gestures. Such teamwork is what will ensure that a piano is moved with no damage at all.

Calling in a Piano Movers HQ is a good idea for long or short moves. It ensures that your instrument is moved safely and with no harm done. After all, it is precious, isn’t it?

What Should I Expect For Piano Moving Costs?

Most upright pianos weigh roughly 800 pounds, whereas the grand pianos weigh roughly 1000 pounds. Based on the above points, it is evident that transporting of these pianos is a difficult task. Failure to use enough manpower can result to serious damages on your piano.

All these can risks can be avoided by hiring a Piano Movers HQ partner to safely load and unload your piano to your set destination. Regardless of the weight and size of your piano, it needs to be handled with a lot of care.

There is no fixed price on the amount Piano Movers HQ local team charge to move pianos from one place to another. Simply because there are a few major factors such as where you live, where you want to move and what type of piano you want to move. However, Piano Movers HQ always offers a fair market rate based upon where you live.

Here are some factors that influence the cost of Piano moving cost:

Distance to Distance
-plays a vital role when it comes to determining the amount you will be charged. This is because distances vary. There are those who transport their pianos within the town, whereas there are those who are transporting across different cities.

Types of pianos– There are usually two types of pianos; namely upright pianos and grand pianos. Each type of piano requires different handling and transporting equipment.

These are some of the factors that influence the piano moving costs. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional piano mover to move your piano from one place to another:

Experienced – Piano transporting agencies are trained to professionally handle pianos as they move from one place to another. Hiring a Pro-piano agency to transport your piano gives someone relief as his/her piano is being transported by professional experts.

Equipment – Piano can be difficult to load and offload from a vehicle, especially if you have less manpower. Our piano movers use different types of equipment to ensure pianos are loaded on different vehicles both faster and with a lot of ease.

Safety – The main reason why people hire a preferred partner of Piano Movers HQ is to ensure their pianos are safely transported to their various destinations safely. There are certain things a person needs to double check before hiring any piano transport company to transport his/her piano.

How Much to Move a Piano Locally?

When you call one of our local partners, they will typically ask you 3 questions.

1. What kind of piano is it? How big is it?
2. From where to where are you looking to move it?
3. Are there any stairs involved at the drop-off and pick up location?

The answer to these 3 questions will help them to determine the rate.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Piano?

One of the major problems these days among families is relocation, especially when a family owned expensive furniture like a piano. The problem with moving out even they need to do so is somewhat not the easiest thing to do. The parents should find a way or will get through all the process before they finally come up a decision to relocate.

For one to consider is the price of moving the item like the Piano. How much will it cost? It just can’t transfer like any ordinary package or home appliance it needs a bit of “Handle it with care” course of action. So, therefore, before you went all through the moving out the piano mission, you must take this following important reminder.

When transferring to another place your precious piano is at stake so it’s either you plan to move it yourself

Firstly, the cost for moving your own piano will consider some aspects you need.

or hire piano movers to make things less complicated. So, in this article, you will find the difference between do-it-yourself against hiring a professional piano cargo company. How the two options will cost your hard earned budget.

You need to equip yourself with following moving tools like the four wheeled dollies, strap or strong enough ropes to keep your expensive musical from moving while on the road, assembling a moving team and of course a transportation that has enough space to accommodate your precious instruments.

It’s either you’ll borrow these moving tools or worse buy them and pay the people that will help you. So you must know this will add to your moving plan cost. And the possibility of damaging your piano while you’re moving it yourself is really evident. So whether go on with the project and hold the risk or give the stress to professional piano movers and pay instead. For practicality better hire pro movers to do the job.

Now you’re hiring piano movers, you will have the following list of things to consider. The type of piano you have, the distance of relocation. And for the piano movers, you need to know their hourly rate, fixed rate, and truck rental.

What’s the Cost of Moving a Piano Based Upon the Type of Piano?

Type of PianoLow-End CostHigh-End Cost
Spinet Piano$150$300
Upright Piano$150$350
Baby Grand Piano$300$500
Grand Piano$700$1,000
Player Piano$500$1,000

This one is obvious because the size and weight of the piano differ significantly based on the type of piano it is. An upright piano can be usually done by two men. A baby grand piano and grand piano usually requires disassembly of the legs and A LOT heavier. These type of moves usually require three to four really strong men. Even with equipment, the bigger pianos are very difficult to move.

Typical Piano Moving Costs Based Upon Distance

DistanceLow-End CostHigh-End Cost
Within 15 Miles$0$100
Within City Limits But More Than 15 miles$100$500
Across State Lines or Long Distance (100 Miles+)$600$1,000
Moving Overseas?$2,000$3,500

Obviously, there are reasons why the cost can range some much especially for long distance moves and overseas moves. Most of the time, the moving company has to provide customs papers, pay taxes and fees on top of the gas and travel fees. Again, it all really depends where you live! If you live in Los Angeles, where gas prices are ridiculously high, you’re going to have a higher cost. If you are looking for a piano moving cost in Los Angeles, then give our partners a call.

Don’t forget to include the packaging tapes, blankets, and moving pads. These tools are also needed for the moving, which is usually included by the piano moving company.

Typical Piano Moving Costs Based Upon Stairs

Most piano movers do have a stair fees. This means the piano movers either have to move a piano up or down a flight of stairs.

The obstacles of moving the piano are also apparent. And what are these two common difficulties when moving your priceless piano?

The area where you will place the piano – Not all residential are the same, so you’re out for a challenge when your new place is located on the top floor. So definitely this would make your moving uneasy.

The pathway where you’re delivering the piano – If the terrain or road where the piano will be transferred is difficult. It’s either rough or narrow of some sort.

Aside from the usual moving cost there are also extra charges to look up to like;

  • The schedule of moving whether it’s rush or not, there may additional charges for this process.
  • The weather condition is also important. This will also cost you extra payment if you’re moving is during the winter or rainy season where moving is really difficult.

How Much Should You Tip Your Piano Mover?

Tipping is something I definitely recommend for your piano move because that piano is HEAVY and very delicate. Obviously, a customary 15-20 percent is standard for tips in any industry. But if you have a very difficult piano moves that involve going up or down any flights of stairs, I highly suggest you tip at least 25%. Most of piano movers are probably not making more than $10/hr and a generous tip goes a long way. So don’t be stingy!

So How Much Will It Cost To Move a Piano in the end?

Type of PianoLow-End CostHigh-End Cost
Upright-Spinet Piano$150$400
Baby Grand Piano$300$900
Grand Piano$700$1,500

The estimated national average cost is about $300- $2000 or it depends on how valuable your piano is and how old or new it is.  This would include tip and gas and everything else. Again, rough estimates based on our experience. If you get a piano moving estimate within these ranges, you’re definitely getting a good deal. If you’re getting either too low of a bid, I would be wary as I’m guessing they don’t have the proper insurance or none at all. Like in any real business, there are HARD costs that are non-negotiable. So don’t go for the guys on Craig’s List who does piano moving on the weekend for $75.

Relocating is really not going to happen overnight especially if you’re moving a piano. Do your research. However, it will never become difficult if you’ll just know that right thing to do before you start thinking about moving your piano. Just get the best piano movers in your town that can give you reasonable price and most of all can keep your piano secure while in the process of transferring.

Of course if you’re looking for the best damn piano movers in America! Check out Piano Movers HQ – Locations page to find a piano mover near you.

Seriously, can you give me a basic idea of how much it cost to move a piano in 2019?

An upright piano typically starts at $150 but it depends on how large of an upright piano it is.
A baby grand piano typically starts at $300 as it requires a lot more time and experience to move a baby grand piano, and again it depends on the size.

For a grand piano, I highly recommend you give our partners a call for an accurate quote as they will have a lot more questions to give you a better idea.

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