15th Cliburn Piano Competition Happens in Forth Worth, Texas

Harvey Lavan Cliburn Jr., is an American Pianist with worldwide recognition. Cliburn’s mother is also a pianist and a great piano teacher.

She discovered her son playing the piano at the age of 3.  “Van” as he is popularly known used to mimic her mom’s students.  Finally, she decided to take Cliburn to a piano class.  Not only that, she also discovered that Cliburn does not only play the piano, he has also a good singing voice.

His rounded tone and a very rich singing voice have started him to sing each piece.

The playing prowess of Van Cliburn has given him the pride and honor to play before the royalties, heads of states and the US Presidents from Truman to Obama.

Indeed the life of Van Cliburn is an inspiration to everyone.  His simple dreams of playing the piano at an early age paved the way for his success in the future.

His skills and talents in music is truly a God-given talent which must be shared by everyone. He continually honed his skills even more and it becomes very evident with the different awards and recognition he received at an early age.

He got his first recognition when he was 12 during the statewide piano competition. That is the beginning of his flourishing career in music.  During the same year, Cliburn had his debut with the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

When he turned 20, he coveted another award, he won the Leventritt Award and made his Carnegie Hall debut.

From then on, Cliburn has never stopped receiving awards and recognitions for his great piano playing skills. It has elevated him to where he is now, a great world pianist.

When Cliburn reached the status of being the greatest world pianist, the Cliburn International Piano Competition was founded.

The said competition is held every four years. It gained a lot of popularity as the organizers were receiving to almost 300 applications for every competition.

Out of 300, only 150 were selected among the applications. These number will further go down to just 30 pianists from all over the world to compete on June 10, Forth Worth, Texas.

This year 2017, The Cliburn International Competition is already in its 15th year. This will happen at Forth Worth, Texas.

According to Jacques Marquis, head organizer of the Cliburn International Competition, there is a great reason for the rise in the number of applicants.  This is the launching of the junior competition which opened up for ages 13 to 17. This idea is to keep the Cliburn brand alive.

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