29 yr-old Dallas City Resident Chef Made its Way to the Top

Dallas City should be real proud of this 29-year-old chef, Caodan Tran.  Growing up as a North Texas resident, Tan’s family decided to move to Dallas.  Since then, Tran dreamt of becoming the best chef ever. She believes that she can do something if she could only have a show of her own.

This Dallas chef always wanted to be a television sensation. Before becoming a superstar in the kitchen, Tran has tried out joining “The Amazing Race.”  Unfortunately, she failed, it wasn’t her luck to pass the audition.

That frustration never stopped her from trying out other ventures for a television exposure.  She continued auditioning for different contest and competition, only to be cut out or the show won’t even be aired.

Having that much skills in the kitchen, Tran finally tried her luck for auditioning in the Food Network Season 12, but just as the previous tries, she wasn’t even one of the 12 selected for the show.

With strings of bad luck coming her way, Tran should obviously quit and give up, but this 29-year-old lass doesn’t lose hope, she always picks up the pieces and moved on.

Until finally, her hard work and persistence paid forward.  The Food Network invited her for Season 13. Tran never let go of the opportunity as she finds this as the golden chance to show her prowess in the kitchen.

True enough, Tran got hold of the chance and started fulfilling her dream of being in front of the camera to show off her cooking skills.

One thing that sets off Food Network competition is that in order to win, you must not only prepare good food and enticing plating, you must also look good on television.  Telegenic is the magic word for that.  If you aren’t what they are looking for on TV, no matter how deliciously you prepared the meal, they won’t vote for you.

Good thing Tran has this unbelievable charm that wows the not just the judges but even the audience watching on their television set.  She just has this genuine telegenic beauty you can’t simply resist.

Of course, Tran’s cooking skills can never be undaunted as she prepares her Vietnamese menu which is her specialty.  Her spring rolls and cheeseburgers made its way to the top.

Slowly the dreams of this young chef from Dallas is becoming a reality.  We must truly hold on to our dreams and never let it go until it finds its way to reality.

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