3 Best Piano Bars in Los Angeles

Piano Movers HQ, we love piano bars so we wanted to share our favorite 3 piano bars in Los Angeles. The best piano bars have to great music, great food, and great service. We have personally been to all these locations and here are our favorite 3 in Los Angeles. The team at Piano Movers HQ highly encourage to check out the local piano bars in your area.

Here is the list of the best 3 Piano Bars in LA.

  1. The Cellar – This is my brand-new preferred location for drinks in Old Pasadena. The Cellar is without a doubt the classiest area in the area. Everything from the gorgeous design to the live piano comes together to produce the best atmosphere that this location has never actually had. If you need an area for date night, this is it!It’s located next door to Lush in Old Town Pasadena, near King’s Row and the 35er. From the 2nd the elevator doors opened, we were blown away.

    They have large choices of wines as well as serve beers also at the patio location for non-wine individuals and good inviting environment.

  2. The Varnish BarI love this idea of a speakeasy, it includes a little sense of adventure.The beverages here are AMAZING! lastly, a place that has genuine bartenders who know exactly what they are doing.I have read that drinks were pricey but honestly, these drinks are fair we had 8 beverages and paid $112 with tax consisted of. that complete about $12/drink, which is okay for a drink blended well.

    The doorman was exceptionally kind and friendly, he had a brilliant and cheerful personality, I loved it. Our server was nice however we could not order some routine beverages like a long island. Felt a little uncomfortable and unwanted by her.

    When inside, there mostly likely will not be seating (when I went, they pertained to you as seating opened to ask if you want it) so plan on loafing the bar area. Varnish is very, very small so don’t expect a great deal of area to yourself when you go. We had little breathing space in the standing area after we bought our beverages. Thankfully, a table of 2 opened so we didn’t need to represent long. It’s likewise dimly-lit and subtle inside – soft jazz was playing when we were there. Fantastic intimate atmosphere to chat with some pals.

    Our server was good however we could not order some regular drinks like a long island. As soon as inside, there primarily most likely won’t be seating (when I went, they came to you as seating opened to ask if you want it) so plan on standing around the bar area. We had little elbow room in the standing location after we purchased our beverages.

  3. Vibrato Grill Jazz – This is one of the few locations in LA where you can take pleasure in live spectacular Jazz with outstanding food. The atmosphere is terrific and the service is spot on. It’s a fantastic area whether you decide to go alone, with pals, or a date.The personnel were friendly, the location was clean, parking is free, however, they do have valet services. They likewise have a bar location.

    It’s certainly not a hole in the wall! It’s very spacious.

    The food was tasty and beverages were really good. Extremely budget-friendly.


    Seriously Dangerous: This drink is so excellent! I’m a substantial fan of whiskey, so that was my first option and the very first drink on their beverage menu! I like that it’s instilled with berries so it’s sweet however doesn’t totally mask the taste of Whiskey so you understand that there’s certainly some Whiskey in it. It was a fairly strong beverage, so I suggest to consume a little something before.

Hope you enjoyed our article and if you’re looking for a piano mover in Los Angeles, call our team in Los Angeles for a quote. Piano Movers HQ in Los Angeles, CA were the ones who reviewed and went to all these awesome piano bars. Great local team that knows their stuff in how to move pianos and most things in Los Angeles. 


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