River Pig Saloon is the newest neighborhood dining experience in Portland, Oregon.

What is so special about the River Pig Saloon?

Well, there is nothing really special about it.  Ordinarily, it looks just like any other normal bars and restaurant in the area. The only thing that sets it difference from the other neighborhood bar and resto around is its very unique setting.

River Pig Saloon is situated in a very rustic place in Portland.  This historical blend. River Pigs are lumberjacks who floated logs down the river.

Owners of River Pig Saloon are cousins, Shadi and Ramzy Hattar said that their idea of the resto bar is to make it fit to people of all ages.

At the bar, you may ask for their house beer, exclusively made for River Pig Saloon in collaboration with the Breakside Brewery.

This house beer is going to be the signature beer at River Pig Saloon. This special concoction of beer will be served with less of the bitter beer taste.

Indeed owning a resto bar this time and competing with the rest of the resto bars that we have around is really very stiff competition.  You really have to make an entirely new gimmick in order to be different from the rest.

If your restaurant will just be mainly a place to eat, you have a lot of competitors around.  What you need to do is to make your business stand out from the rest. You should be able to make people remember what you have offered in your place. Something that people won’t be able to forget as they leave.

This is exactly what the Hattar cousins would like to achieve.  Something unique, worthwhile and feel good experience.

Not to mention of course the good food and the list of menus that River Pig Saloon has to offer.  The distinct unique taste that will invite your palate to have more.

Looking into their menu, River Pig Saloon has definitely a lot to offer.  They really would like to commit to their word of having a place that fits everyone.

They served breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks in between and a happy hour.  Whether you will be coming with your family for some bonding moments or hang out with your friends or even chill by yourself, River Pig Saloon always has something to offer for you.

A place to enjoy, give River Pig Saloon a visit one of these days.

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