80s Music Making a Comeback in Atlanta

A year of new wave and punk music, slow rock and disco funk are some of the most distinct sounds of the 80s.  We may say that one of the best music is produced in this era.  Lucky if you are born, or you belong to this era of good songs and dance music.  

The 80s era is definitely one unforgettable collection of real good music and most of the danceable hits came from this decade also.  You may remember the best hits produced and sung by the greatest artists of those times.  Tears for Fears, Styx, Reo Speedwagon are some of the best bands who made it in the 80s.

We should not discount the fact, that their hits remain a classic until today. Some songs were revived by modern day artists and the others remained playing over the airwaves up to the present time.

TWRP, a four-piece band of rock and roll best friends who are bound to eliminate the boredom of life with some disco funk goodness.  What’s good about this is that they came also from the 80s era.

This is enough proof that the 80s had really produced the best crop of singers and artists to date.  They become legends of the music industry.

That even years have passed, their legacy on music stays and remains the same.  The millennials have come to appreciate the music of the 80s as well.  This is enough proof that the magical staying power of the sounds of the 80s lingers in today’s generation.

Let’s get to know the TWRP, the energetic and entertaining 4 member group is composed of Doctor Sung on vocals, Lord Phobos on strings, Commander Meouch on bass and Haave Hogan on drums.  And know what? The group will be having a show on Monday night.

You will get to watch and jam with the popular band group from the 80s, so it is going to be one nostalgic evening that will surely give you a blast.  Of course, the concert is not only for the 80s babies but for the springing millennials as well.  

TWRP isn’t just the only surprise we got for you! Another synth wave father figure just came from Atlanta, the Vampire Step-Dad. You surely will enjoy the evening of fun and madness as we relive the music of the 80s.

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