African Film Festival Happening in Dallas Performance Hall

Dallas City is in for a lot of spectacular events this year.  One of the great events happening in Dallas is the upcoming African Film Festival.

Richard Mofe-Damijo, a well-known Nollywood Actor will be this year’s host of the event.

The festival will be held at the Dallas City Performance Hall. This event will be open to the public from  June 30, Friday and will commence on July 3 with the awards night.

African Film Festival is an act of celebrating the African cultures and traditions. It is a way to promote the way of life, issues, and problems concerning African cultures.

Certain qualifications are set for accepting an application for the African Film Festival.  These criteria should be met:

  • It should promote African culture
  • It should tackle about African leaders, history or landmarks.
  • It should be able to address the following issues concerning Africa or Africans, whether it is political, religious, immigration or social as long as it affects the people and the region.
  • It should at least feature an African in the lead role or
  • It should be made by a filmmaker with an African descent.

All these are the set of criteria which should pass the screeners committee.

This African Film Festival brings to uplift the entertainment industry of Africa.   A move to bring quality standard films which raised awareness on the importance of culture and traditions of a land.

In a country like Africa, where the race has been afflicted with a lot of pain and sacrifices, it is only deserving of the kind of honor and prestige for the great leaders of the Africa who stood up and fought for their freedom from slavery.

The African Film Festival is also a way to end up the racial discrimination that Africa has been experiencing in the past years.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the entries for the African Film Festival in  Dallas Performance Hall.

  • Le Silence Pure

An inspirational story about a woman Film Maker. It is a soft drama about a pastor’s son whose life had a turn around when a certain woman who is a drug addict hides in his car’s back seat.

  • A Place for Us

It is an intriguing drama about police brutality and racism happening in America. A story about an African American family in search of a safe place to live in and raise their 10 yr, old kid.

  • Fragile Beauty

A story about a tribal culture who still upholds to their rituals. People who worship and adheres to their manner of dressing and adorning themselves.  They manage to keep up with the kind of life they are living in for centuries.

The films show how different and unique they are from us and for how long will they stay this way apart from the modernization of the centuries.

There are a lot more different entries for the Festival.  Head on to the Dallas Performance Hall to have a showcase of these African Film Festival which will raise your awareness about their culture and their people.

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