Alphaville on US Concert Tours for 2017

Setting the stage for the concert scene for 2017 is the LA Concert Group who is proud to announce that the great band from the 80s who popularized the hit songs, Forever Young, Big in Japan and Dance with Me is coming for a series of concerts in the US.

NY on Saturday August 5th at the United Royal residence Theater, Chicago IL on Sunday August Sixth at The Chicago Theater, San Jose CA on Friday August 11 at the City National Civic, as well as finishing the scenic tour in L.a CA on Saturday August 12 at the exterior Starlight Dish Arena. Each of these places offer a various configuration as well as have their very own one-of-a-kind attributes.

Alphaville is a German synthpop new wave group who made a name and hit it big in the music scene in the 80s era.  It is a big comeback for the group to be performing again before their fans who grew up with their Forever Young hit and Big in Japan.

Marian Gold, founding member and the lead singer of the group used the name Forever Young for their group name and later changed it to Alphaville.

Their hits made a big part of overwhelming success of new wave and pop music of the 80s era.  A mere mention of the 80s hit would surely include the hit songs from Alphaville.  The band is one of the iconic symbols of the 80s music hits.

Surely, their 80s crowd has already outgrown their music but they wouldn’t surely miss this blast from the past that made them who they are today.  Alphaville is a great part of our lives especially if you are one of the punkies of new wave hits.

Generation X and Y will never forget the music of the Alphaville but the millennials cannot resist the slow rock and sweet rhythm brought by the Alphaville’s music.

So go and catch them live on 5 concert series in their US Tours this 2017. Their 2017 tour would include the cities of Houston, Texas, New York City, Chicago Il with an ending tour in Los Angeles.  The concert tour will begin on August 4 and commence on August 12 at the Starlight Bowl Amphitheatre.

Rest assured that each concert venues will give different features and themes.  No concert will ever be the same.  You can be sure you can catch up an entirely different approach for every Alphaville concert on their US tours.

Christopher Anton and the Joneses will provide the front act which they themselves have their own brand of style in music and performance.  You will not have a dull moment with this Alphaville Concert tour.  

Engage in this night of nostalgic moments and travel back in time when you enjoy good music in the company of good friends.  

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