Why You Should Attend the Subzero Festival This Year

The road belongs to the cars and other moving vehicles, but for one particular event, the road will be closed to vehicles to give way to the most spectacular event of the year happening in San Jose, California.

We are talking of the biggest festival in town, Subzero Festival. One of the most extravagant festivals in San Jose is making a comeback in the SoFA district downtown on June 2 and 3 respectively.

This is one moment when the cars would be off limits from the road as it will be filled with people.  The streets will literally be on the street for joining the festivities of the Subzero Festival.

Subzero Festival will surely bring out the child in you. There is a certain magical feeling about being on the street on that festival.

It is one thing remarkable and unique about the Subzero Festival.  Comparing it with all the other festivals celebrated in town, this one really gives an entirely different feeling of being a child once again.

But what really is a Subzero Festival?  For those who haven’t been in San Jose, California, this kind of celebration is the emergence of the different subcultures which are particularly thriving in the region.

Describe as a DIY and artistically bent, a mashup of the hi and lo techno where the streets get to meet the geeks.

What to expect in Subzero Festival?

Since it is a festival of music and arts, you can expect that the festival will feature a lot of cultural sounds coming from the different culture thriving in the land.  It will also highlight the best artwork which is the product of the various cultures present in the region.

Learning all these expectations in Subzero Festival, you shouldn’t really miss being a part of this celebration.

Flooding the streets on June 2 and 3 are not only food, beers, and wine.  A lot of good music and live concerts will also be up in the air. There are 20 venues participating in the event, and more than 80 artists and vendors to satisfy your cravings and entertain you to the core.

The musical line up for the Subzero Festival is guaranteed to bring you good music. It will come from the roster of local artists like San Jose’s Rebelskamp and a lot more.

There will also be a great gastronomic experience while you relax in the company of good music.  Food trucks will be found around the area to have a good grub while you enjoy the beer and the music together.

There are a lot of reason why you should never miss such a good festival.  Subzero Festival in San Jose, California is one spectacular event to behold.

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