Bagdad Theater Turns to Backstage Bar

Bagdad Theater and Pub was a very famous cinema in Portland Oregon in 1927.  This once famous movie place is now transformed into a friendly neighborhood bar.

The backstage of the old Bagdad Theater is finally transformed into a  Backstage bar. It boasts of the high-ceiling design which is termed as the loftiest place where you could play pool while enjoying your beers and drinks.

The Backstage Bar is situated where its name suggests, at the backstage of the well-known Bagdad Theater.

One of the oldest cinema built in the 1900s and was one of the grandest movie palaces in the whole of Portland, Oregon. One of the largest movie houses outside downtown Portland and also considered as the most spectacular cinemas in Oregon.

What made it grand is the presence of a fountain and a grand colonnade in a  foyer and a custom-made pipe organ in the theater and the grand Middle Eastern design that envelopes the entire theater.

Full of historical mementos to collect, we could say that the Bagdad Theater is not just merely a place of entertainment.  Back to the days where cinemas were just starting, it serves as the standing witness to all the events in the past.

We can never really underestimate the glory and history brought to us by the famous Bagdad Theater.  Though we cannot restore it to what it used to be before.  

Being able to convert it to something worthwhile like the Backstage Bar is something spectacular as well.  The beauty of its transformation remains intact the well-preserved historic grandeur of the past.

Backstage Bar was able to preserve the 7-story ceiling.  People from in and out of town come in to watch games being projected into the massive wall, while they enjoy playing pools and shuffleboard.  Some would simply enjoy drinking their beers in the deep wooden booths.

Another best thing about the Backstage Bar is that they are offering their Happy Hour twice a day every day.  Isn’t that great? Cheap treats being offered from 3 to 6 p.m.

From 1927 to 2017, Bagdad Theater remains standing.  It has withstood different kinds of storms, different transformations, and changes and now the latest face of Bagdad Theater still lingers in the form of entertainment.

From Bagdad Theater to Backstage Bar, you will see how time changes everything. It brings back some eerie and nostalgic feeling.  Imagine seeing things from 1927, but this is how the past is gonna teach you about history.

We should feel proud that we are able to preserve something like the old Bagdad Theater, the once majestic and grand cinema turned into one of Portland’s best bar, The Backstage Bar.

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