Batesville Music and Arts Festival Opens in June 21

Indianapolis  Jazz Orchestra will grace the opening of the Batesville Music and Arts Festival on June 21 with their performance at the Liberty Park.

With the different kinds of music festivals happening here and there, you can see how the Americans loved music.  Be it a musical instrument concerto or singing idols and rap music, name it and the Americans surely loved it.

If you will take a look at the map of the U.S. states and key cities, these summer months of June to August is filled up with different music and arts festivals.  We are filling up the air with fun and good music.

Since it is summer season, it might be the best time to go out of our houses and enjoy basking in the sun.  Festivals are a great way to enjoy our family and the company of our friends with some music on the side to entertain us.  It is the best way to bond and keep our families and friends closer together.

In the 44rth Batesville Music and Arts Festival, bring the whole family and enjoy the 3-day celebration as we bring you the best and brightest artists to perform and entertain you.

Starting June 21, the entire community will begin the celebration with the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra, one of the greatest pride of Indianapolis in classical music.  They will serenade the participants with all the good renditions they have.

Rural Alliance for the Arts, Miss Shannon’s Studio, WRBI Radio, and the Jim True Ford Country Music Showdown will also be there to join in the celebration of the Batesville Music and Arts Festival.

The organizers announced that participants may bring in their lawn chairs and blankets to keep them comfortable during the 3-day long celebration.

Band competition is also set for those aspiring new band groups.  A special cash prize of $500 will be given to the winning band group.  The competition is open to all band groups with at least 7 members.

Registration is done online. All they have to do is to submit a video showcasing themselves with at least 2 country music with varying styles and a $30 entry fee. Applications are accepted until June 12 only.

Interested applicants may submit their entry at

Izzy’s Catering will be there to fill up your tummy with all their good food. They will be selling sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. Snickers and peanuts will be there also to sell their pies. And on the last day, restaurant owners will have their share by doing a downtown sale of their menus on board.

The Batesville Music and Arts Festival will be open to the public for free.

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