Benefit Concert Of Shankar Mahadevan for AIM for SEVA

Not many are familiar with the music of Shankar Mahadevan. It is because his music is an orientation of his own Indian origin.  He is a well-known composer and singer. And he did a lot of musical composition for Indian films.

His Indian origin captures his liking in the field of music which took him where he is now. There is so much to admire in Shankar Mahadevan, he is not only a man of music.  This humble man of Chembur, Mumbai has a degree in Computer Science and software engineering.

His wife also sings and even his youngest son found his way into singing.  We could say that Shankar Mahadevan has a family who sings with him.

The good news about Shankar Mahadevan is that he has a concert on SanJose, California.  He will be having a benefit concert at San Jose Civic Center on may 20. the concert is for the benefit of Aim for Seva.

Expect a musical powerhouse in Mahadevan’s SanJose concert. With a mixed of classical and modern sounds, the audience will surely love and enjoy his concert.

Mahadevan is an advocate of the AIM for Seva, the same reason why is staging this benefit concert for the cause and intention to help the organization.  With this, Mahadevan appeals to everyone to support the concert for a cause.

AIM for Seva is a unique organization which has its grass roots in Chennai with several offices around India and North America. The organization is running student hostels in the tribal and rural places of India.

The primary goal of the organization is to empower the children to a value-based education. This non-profit organization has already built around  104 student hostels which are a big help in the realization of the students full potential.

It has become a haven for homeless children. It does not only there to provide shelter but literally to look after them with all their daily needs like clothes, food, and education.

Some of the hostels have computer learning equipment to aid the students in their learning experience.

And this is basically the intention of Mahadevan in helping the organization get through and continue serving the less fortunate Indian kids.

Mahadevan in his own little way has provided so much for the organization.  His music and talent are one of the powerful ways known to him to serve better.

Catch him up with his concert in the San Jose Civic Center. Enjoy his music and help the AIM for Seva at the same time.

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