Best Hotpot Restos in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, one of the most populous cities in California.  Most sightseeing places can be found in L. A.   

Home of the brightest celebrities in the world, Hollywood is also found in Los Angeles. One of the dream cities where everyone would like to visit.  

Who would never want to land in a city like L.A.? It’s where most of the best things in life which you would never imagine would happen can come into reality.

One of which are best top restaurants in Los Angeles. When one would go on a trip, the first thing in mind you would consider is the food to enjoy.  No trip would ever be enjoyable if the food is worst.  You have to fill up your tummy for that gastronomic satisfaction to enjoy the journey of your lifetime.

Los Angeles can boast of the best restaurants which can fill you up to your satisfaction.  Hotpot is becoming a sensation nowadays.  It is associated with Chinese cuisine of cooking food ingredients yourself in a broth.  

Hotpot cooking is gaining popularity and is slowly becoming a cooking sensation in most restaurants around the world.  In Japanese, they call it “shabu-shabu.”

Though it is a bit Asian in origin, the western side of Los Angeles has never fallen behind.  L.A. can boast of the best hotpot restaurants in the area.

If ever you would come across and visit L.A., these best hotpot restaurants would guarantee to satisfy your palate. Check this out on your next Los Angeles visit and try out this best hotpot resto in the area.

JackPot Hotpot

Located on San Gabriel Boulevard, Jackpot Hotpot can boast of their fast service time.  Comparing to other hotpot restaurants in the area, Jackpot Hotpot gives you a shorter waiting time.  You can count on their great customer service too.  

Not to mention the quality and taste of the food they offer. You can never go wrong in choosing their signature lobster hotpot.  The most important thing there’s no cueing to get a seat.  Great service and great food at Jackpot Hotpot.

Paper Pot Shabu

Another place to visit at San Gabriel Los Angeles is Paper Pot Shabu. Owner Jerry Kim was inspired by his visit to Japan and Korea and conceptualized this resto and called it Paper Pot Shabu.

The specialty of the house is the spicy broth served individually. It is your own personal choice of vegetables and other ingredients that you wanted to mix up with your broth.  It can also come with a red or brown rice for your satisfaction.

Paper Pot Shabu is not for a big group of people as it can house only up to 48 persons.  

One of the best place to visit if you are in for a hot and warm spicy soup on a chilly winter day.

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