Big Apple Barbecue Grilling Up at the Madison Square Park

Big Apple Barbecue is firing up the grill once more at the Madison Square Park for the 15th  annual Big Apple Barbecue Block off Party.

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Off Party is brought to you by Kingsford Charcoal, the nation’s largest culinary festival dedicated to the best barbecue.

This isn’t just the barbecue cooking up on the grill.  Also present to set you on fire on the barbecue grills are a group of bands and musicians to light up your day as we celebrate the Barbecue Block Off party.

Imagine barbecue party with some great music to sing-along and dance-along, you surely wouldn’t want the day to last.

Madison Square Park will again be alive and happy with all the people gathering around to celebrate good food and good music.

Here’s what to expect at the biggest barbecue party in Madison this year.

Well, you just have something around 15 pit masters who will grill up tons and tons of meat for the event and with 10 bands and artist to entertain you, you would surely enjoy partying with us.

Get mesmerized while you inhale the flavorful smoky smell of barbecues grilling up all over the place, you will definitely drool over by just sniffing the smoke around you.

If the smell can entice you to drool, the more you cannot resist the tempting sight of the juicy meat grilling before you. With a standard price of $12 per barbecue plate, you will definitely have a second serving.

It is one hell of an experience for the people of Madison.  This festival cook-off party has generally set the meter standard for good food and good music together.

Anyone who would like to follow the same concept would have to raise the standards for people to come by.

It has become one of the best summer traditions in the nation and also one of the best and enjoyable festivities.  Everyone is free to join and celebrate with the Biggest Big Apple Barbecue Block Off Party.  All you have to do is to bring your family and friends and enjoy the live entertainment provided for you.  Walk along and you will see a variety of barbecue lined up at the grilling area.

All proceeds from the events will go straight to Madison Park Square Conservancy, the office that maintains the park.

Since 2003, barbecue has raised more than $1.3 million of green space park, this is in support of the environmental awareness in the area.

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