Brahms’ Requiem, Highlight of the Indiana Symphony Orchestra Concerto

Johannes Brahms is the name associated with choral masterpieces, orchestra, soprano, and baritone.  Brahms is everything about music.  Another thing associated with Brahms is the German Requiem Music.

Requiem music are music intended for the dead or the departed souls. Brahms started the branded requiem music when his mother died in February 1865. It is the loss of his dear mother that Brahms cannot get over with.

It was followed by the death of Robert Schumann in July 1856 that motivated him to composed such kind of music. His lingering feelings about the death of his loved ones moved him greatly to express his grief and sorrow through music, thus the birth of requiem music.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will relive Brahms’ Requiem music but this time it is no longer carries with it the music of sorrows and sadness but instead, it will try to depict joy and happiness as they play the Requiem of Brahms.

According to Janet, a member of the Symphonic Choir alto section, they are on a rigid practice for the Brahms Requiem Performance night which they will share and sing along with the Indiana Symphony Orchestra.

Janet shared the choir’s Odyssey while having their practices and rehearsals. It was indeed a very tough and difficult situation to handle.  Concert preparations and rehearsals are becoming rigid as they come near.

It was at this time that almost all the members of the choir are down with flu, infections, chest infections and allergies. Literally speaking, almost all of the choir members have stopped singing.

We all know that their voices are their most prized possession.  If they have been down with flu and plague of allergies put them down, the concert would be a complete failure.

The voice is something we should really preserve and take care of especially when you use it in your profession.  

They made all kinds of effort to remedy the problem.  They took almost all kinds of lozenges to ease their throat problems. They have tried almost everything, from lozenges to menthol tea, to Apple cider and ginger.  

Lucky enough, they were able to get and feel better. They gained back their full voices just in time for the concert. Maestro Joe Flummerfelt lead their rehearsal in a special workshop clinic.

His conducting prowess was so majestic that he was able to move the 150 member choir to internalize the kind of music they are singing.  At that time, they were able to feel the same emotions that Brahms had felt when he lost his loved ones.

So, never missed their performance with the Indiana Symphony Orchestra as they deliver Brahms’ Requiem with so much joy and richness of emotions.

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