Catch the Free Concert of the World Harmony Chorus and Aswat Ensemble

The World Harmony Chorus is free for all choral group.  It is said so because this choral group has no age limits.  It is welcome for everyone who wanted to share their talent in singing.

What’s best for this group is that you need not undergo any auditions or fill up any requirements to be accepted in the group.  Just simply state your interest in joining the group and you are all set to go, you are in.

There are many raising eyebrows on these questioning the quality of the vocal range of the singers.  How could they perfectly sing a tune if some of the singers maybe singing out of tune?

The World Harmony Chorus takes pride of their singing group because they sing from their heart.  Though it did not pass through a very strict screening.  The choral group has performed around the world and they sing traditional songs from the globe.

Daniel Steinberg and Betsy Blakeslee are the genius conductor and trainer of the group. What makes the group surprisingly amazing is that every part was only taught by ear. There are musical transcriptions provided to the group.

Only the genius partnership of Steinberg and Blakeslee can produce wonders from the diverse range of singers in the group.  They can also make full potential of the experienced and expert singers in the group.

We all know that Daniel Steinberg is a charismatic musician. And he is again setting up the stage for the 2017 concert of the World Harmony Chorus.  

The concert will be staged at the Community School of the Arts and Music at Finn Center on June 12 at 7 p.m. Tickets are for free.

The World Harmony Chorus will be accompanied by the Aswat Ensemble one of the premier Arab ensembles in the Bay area.

During this free concert, the World Harmony Chorus and the Aswat Ensemble will perform together and separately. They both have their own set of renditions for the night.  The Aswat Ensemble having an Arab origin will perform the best music from the Arab nations.  While World Harmony Chorus will sing songs from around the world.

Putting together these two major musical group together is simply priceless.  You should never miss the opportunity of seeing them perform live and hear their heart-warming renditions and be in love with music once again.

The concert is offered for free and therefore there is only limited seating capacity.  Better come early if you want to secure a seat. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime.

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