Cinco de Mayo Festival Celebrated in the Streets of Phoenix Arizona

If there is one festival on earth which can be both considered fun and exciting, it would be the Cinco de Mayo Festival happening annually in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cinco de Mayo is considered as the best tradition ever for the local residents of Arizona. The celebration whose name was taken from a Spanish origin has been a traditional practice in Arizona and in other  Mexican populated places.

It is usually held every 5th of May to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory against the French soldiers during the Battle of Puebla.

The festive mood and atmosphere bring the whole town down.  There are music, food and different exhibits everywhere.  Most people have come out of the streets to join in the celebration.

Since  Cinco de Mayo has a Mexican origin, the Mexican-Americans are the ones who started the celebration. The new breed of Americans mixed with Mexican blood seems to bring this festive celebration in most states in the U.S. including Arizona which was enjoyed by everyone.

No one can deny that this particular festival has brought the community together for a celebration. Cinco de Mayo has been mistaken to be the Freedom Day for the Mexicans but it is not.  It is simply a celebration of victory against a French war.

The Battle of Puebla which is the precedent and origin of what we celebrate now as Cinco de Mayo is a very significant victory for the Mexicans.  It is worth all the reason to give it a very festive celebration following the victory.  It is in the Battle of Puebla that the Mexican Forces was able to defeat a much stronger French army.  That even when they are greatly outnumbered, Mexican soldiers were able to defend their land.  Since then, the French invasion never happened again.

So we can clearly understand why they have to celebrate this day with great extravagant.  Freedom is something very important and significant to everyone.  A celebration of freedom is a celebration of our democracy as a nation.

In line with this Phoenix, Arizona is one of the states which gives importance to the great freedom that we now enjoy. 

Cinco de Mayo 2017 is expected to be one hell of a celebration again.  Food and music will flood the streets.  People can party all-day-long, and enjoy the Mexican culture through music, food, and dances.

Other great activities await the people joining the celebration.  Aside from concerts, there are live painting, children’s activities, a lot of concerts and live performance, and Mexican wrestling to name a few.

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