Cleveland, Ohio Remembers Chris Marinin and the Missing Band

What is in for the music scene in Cleveland, Ohio?  Remembered the band Missing?   We don’t mean that the band is missing but the name of the band is Missing.

Yup, the Missing band isn’t really missing the concert scene. This band which originated from Cleveland, Ohio formed by singer Christopher Marinin is our Band for the Week.

The band formed in 2009 by Marinin take a back seat after making several hits on Ghost Laboratories Records.  It is not really a come back for the Missing Band but just a reunion with all the band members which made its debut on iTunes.  Their songs can now be heard on iTunes, since then they started recording new songs in an all-new digital format.

After long years of hibernation, Marinin and the Missing Band literally went missing.  But now they are found again and living their music to the enjoyment of their fans and followers on iTunes.

It has been a long and hard transition period of his life. He had to dwell on the ghost of his past to come up with the best version of himself.

Now, Marinin confessed that he is already comfortable with his own skin and has managed the greatest transition of his life.  he is now ready to face the world again with so much confidence and conviction with his music.

With a little help from his friends and bandmates, Marinin swears that the Missing Band will resurrect and will no longer go on missing coz their music will finally make a comeback with their new album, “They Live.”

Marinin claims that this album will definitely express a lot of emotions which is a far cry from their usual albums which talks about issues on drug addictions and other stuff.

He claims that their new album is something personal for him.  It was his journey against addiction problems and issues which he was able to finally overcome.

The direction of their music now goes with the direction of his life.  It took him a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome the toughest decision in his life.  His triumphant comeback is well-conquered by the kind of music he and his band The Missing is trying to depict.

Listen to their songs and you will be truly mesmerized by the big switch in tone and style.

If you enjoyed The Missing Band before, the more you will be able to appreciate the brand of music they have now.

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