Come and Celebrate the Memorial Day on Sacramento, California

Memorial Day is up and about in Sacramento.  This is the day to commemorate our great and brave soldiers. Since then Sacramento, California set the date on every 27th to 29th of May yearly to celebrate this Memorial Day.

A lot of fun and exciting activities lined up during the Memorial Day event celebration. Just like any other festivals and memorial days, Sacramento, California sets a festive mood for the  Memorial Day celebration.

With a 3 days weekend celebration, it brings forth bunches of families and friends who would like to go out on a great bonding memories on the Memorial Day celebration.

So what do we expect to have this 2017 Memorial Day events?  Are we up for real good music and food fest?  

Everyone is invited to the Memorial Day fun filled activities.  You sure to have different ways of enjoying the weekend.  For food and beer lovers expect to streets to flood with beers and food varieties.

Brace yourself up for the Elk Grove Brewfest.

Starting up on 26th, a day before the opening of the Memorial Day, Elk Grove will start brewing up. Go and enjoy the company of other beer lovers as it kicks off for the opening celebration the next day.

Regional Food Truck Series

On the 27th and 28th, Regional Food Truck Series will be hosting a two-day event during the Memorial Day celebration.

The Barn in West Sacramento will light up and be surrounded by food trucks. Sophia’s mini kitchen, Rudy’s on the roll and The Sweet Spot are just some of the food trucks present on the 3-day event.

Off the Grid will also be there to satisfy your palate.  Foodie lovers will not be disappointed during the event.  It is sure to have one food to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Now if you’re on for some music and concerts, Memorial Day celebration will definitely not push through without the presence of the biggest name in the music industry to entertain you the max.

Beginning in May, concert series will start entertaining the crowd in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. Every weekend, there will be concerts at the park for the enjoyment of the crowd.  No worries because there will be food to enjoy while you listen to the concert.

Local bands and artists will fill the air and serenade you with good music during the entire month of May.

Another reason to celebrate the Memorial Day event is the California

Roots and Music Festival.

It is a yearly celebration hosted by the Monterey Fairground. So if you’re up for a good weather and beach scenery, be ready to pack your things and head on the California Roots and Music Festival.

A three-day event is packed with music, good food, and art exhibits.

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