All-Female Screening Set for Wonder Woman in Alamo Theater Austin, Texas

Wonder Woman the great TV series popularized in the early 80s is making a comeback this 2017 on the big screen. The comeback of the hero is welcomed in an all-women screening in Alamo, Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas.

Are the gentlemen out there offended?  Well, don’t feel sad brothers this is just one way of gathering together and feeling the impact of “girl power.”

Alamo Ritz Cinema is extending its apology to gentlemen out there for declining the screening of the most awaited movie of the year, the comeback of Wonder Woman. Anyway, it’s just for one night only.

This “Women Only Night” for Wonder Woman will have an all-female working staff and committees for that special day alone.  Real Girl Power right?

And it doesn’t fall free from the scrutinizing eyes of the male community.  The Facebook page of the Alamo Cinema has been flooded with a lot of negative comments regarding its one night all female screening for Wonder Woman.

Hey guys, your persistence to watch Wonder Woman only proves that men can’t live without a woman in a day.  It really expresses your great admiration to the female gender.  

Remember that for every great man is a woman and behind every man’s downfall is also a woman.  So, girls, you really got these men running after you.

The special screening is set on June 6, four days after its official opening in theaters worldwide.  Despite that, it can be watched ahead of time and from other cinemas, the speculating male public can’t contain themselves about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a special screening for women.

On the other hand, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema explained that this special screening is not new to them as they hosted a lot of special screenings before like having an all veteran audiences, a special screening intended for military personnel and others.

Alamo Cinema just couldn’t figure out why it is such a hype when they decided to have an all-female audience for a day only.

The male populi seem to feel a great discrimination on these gender sensitive action.  We all know that the greater dominion and power are accorded to the male species out there.

“Girl Power” moves like this stepped on the masculinity and machismo of the male population.

Chill out Adams of the world, “Wonder woman is just a film to enjoy the feminity of a woman.  Let them enjoy and feel the power for a day.  

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