How To Find a Piano Movers Near Me

If there is an item that is best moved by professionals it is a piano, trying to move it yourself could end in disaster which can be irreparable. Not only are pianos quite heavy, they are also unwieldy and as we all know, quite expensive. By investing a bit in a well known, professional, qualified and trustworthy piano moving company, you will protect an item which could not only have sentimental value but be quite expensive to repair or replace. You seriously want to avoid this! 


Avoid this disaster and find pianos movers in your local area.

How To Choose a Piano Moving Company

When choosing a piano moving company there are a few things to take into consideration. For starters it is best to find a piano moving company near you by word of mouth or recommendation, meaning a friend, family member, coworker or someone you know and trust recommends them to you, this means that they know their work and approve of it. If that is not possible then there are many online tools that can help you search for a piano moving company near you. Once you have found some companies then keep these next steps in mind before you pick the piano moving company you will be working with.

1. Verify the Credentials of the Piano Movers

Companies that transport pianos are required by law to not only be registered but also licensed with the Department of Transportation. Although there are quite a few moving companies that have the capabilities and expertise to transport a piano, any of them should not on be able to but glad to provide you upon request their US DOT or MC numbers. These numbers should then be verified with to guarantee that the credentials are in order. All of our partners are Licensed with the DOT and qualified.

2. Look Into and Verify the Insurance Coverage of the Piano Movers

It is required by law that all professional piano movers not only be licensed, but also carry insurance. It is important to ask the piano moving company you are considering working with for a certificate from the insurance company they are insured under. This can be verified simply by calling up the insurance company, you can also look online by going to Do not feel bad about it, it is your property that is being transported and should be protected.

Generally piano moving companies insurance will provide enough coverage to move a piano. If you however find out that the coverage is not enough and are in need of more now would be the time to contact you homeowners insurance provider. Request that they provide you with a rider to your insurance policy, one that will cover the piano while it is being moved. This will really provide peace of mind while the shipment is underway.

Companies that move pianos should generally offer a Cargo insurance and many times when a bid is in place, the client has the opportunity to purchase additional coverage. If you find a company with all-risk coverage for approved goods against loss, damage or it being stolen then you are set.

3. Do Some Research

As with just about anything, the past performance of a piano moving company is a great indicator of what to expect of their future performance. This means that you should acquire as much information on the piano moving company you are considering working with as possible. This can be done very easily online, it may take a bit of time but being able to rest assured that the piano moving company you chose is a good one will really be worth it. Although generally piano movers are honest and hardworking, you want to guarantee that everything is in order before entrusting the move of your precious piano.

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All companies that partner with Piano Movers HQ are fully trained, insured and licensed specifically to move pianos. It is also required that each partner has at least 10+ years of experience of moving pianos with all different types of pianos from upright pianos, baby grand pianos and even complicated player pianos. This is why we are the Headquarters for all piano movers. 

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