Graves Mountain Festival of Music Celebrates 25th Year

The Graves Mountain Festival of Music will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.  On its silver year, expect a more fabulous type of celebration.  More music and more artist to come your way on this spectacular show to grace the 25 years of Graves Music Festival.

Graves Festival of Music will pay tribute to the bluegrass star and a reunion of sort of the contemporary bluegrass group.

You definitely will love how they celebrate their silver years at the Graves Music Festival.  The old festivities will still be retained but expect to have a blast on new and exciting things to happen in its silver year.

Families who would join the fun will still enjoy the outdoor activities that they used to enjoy in the past years.  Hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and hayrides will still highlight the outdoor activities, cool thing to do with the whole family.

Mark Newton, a bluegrass singer recalled that the Festival was celebrated only for 2 days way back in 1993 but since 1995, the festival went on for a 3 days celebration.

He looked back over all those years with so much joy as he takes on the evolution that takes place in how the festival was celebrated.  These changes made it through its successful years now.  Every year of celebration is a year in progress for the Grave Mountain Festival.

Every year brings new and fresh new faces, young artists which eventually become the crowd favorite.  People have embraced and loved the bluegrass acts.

Through the years, you would see how the families joining the festival have grown. Little kids have now grown up teenagers, others have children of their own. Literally, you would see it passing on from generation to generation.

This kind of tradition becomes a part of their family, their lives and as a nation who build a good camaraderie through music and good food.

It made us grow as one community who helped and build each other’s lives.  Grave Music Festival is not just any event that we wanted to experience.  Once you become a part of Grave Music Festival, you can be sure to gain a friend and a family as well.

Long lost friend would often get together in reunion during the festival, it’s not merely sharing music and food together.  At the Grave Music Festival, we are sharing our memories and thoughts with people we love.

Gather together once more and hear some of the traditional bluegrass music, there will be a lot of traditional music in the event but there is still some variety to set the mood.  

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