Gregory Taboloff Performs His Magnum Opus Piano Concerto No.1 at the Hoffman Theatre

Everyone who loves music and is a piano enthusiast would know Gregory Taboloff.  Taboloff is a world-acclaimed pianist from the Bay area.

Taboloff studied at the   San Francisco Conservatory and then continued on to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, where he bagged first place in the Munz Piano Competition.

It is every pianists’ dream to perform and have his own concert.  To be acclaimed worldwide is such a great honor and pride.  Unlike in any other aspects of the music industry, piano recitals and concerto seem to be catering only to a few enthusiasts.

Not everyone can appreciate the beauty and grace of classical music played on a piano.  Comparing it to pop and jazz and now the rock and roll and rap music making its round on the airwaves.  Piano classical music doesn’t seem to be appreciated by the millennials.

But there is a great deeper sense of listening to the music and symphony of Beethoven and Mozart.  It goes deep into your heart and core that something in you will be moved once you listen to them.

It stirs up the intelligence of a baby in a womb when you let them listen to these beautiful masterpieces.  The loud sounds you hear today is nothing compared to the subtle and elite rhythm brought by the classy symphony of the piano playing before you.

Gregory Taboloff and all the other worldly acclaimed pianist like Cliburn are trying to awaken our senses to listen to good music. We do not discount the fact that other sounds and songs as well should be appreciated too.  But the music that these musicians brought to us is something we should cherish for a long time.

Be a part of the Magnum Opus Piano Concerto No. 1  of Taboloff at the 700 seaters Hoffman Theater, Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek on June 17, Saturday.

You will witness Taboloff performing his Magnum Opus Piano Concerto No.1, “The Mystic.” David Ramadanoff will join Taboloff on stage as he conducts the best of the  Taboloff Philharmonic Orchestra, comprising of the finest bay area musicians.

Taboloff made his way on the music scene at a young age of 15, that’s when he won his first prize in the Munz Piano Competition which were followed by a lot more of victories which led to where he is right now.  A world-acclaimed musician like Gregory Taboloff really brings pride to the country where he belongs.

Get that unique piano experience on his Mystic concerto and get mesmerized by the prowess of his piano skills.

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