Jennifer Culp, Guest Artist on the Chamber Music Society’s Ending Season

If music is in your heart and playing the stringed instruments is your passion, you sure know Jennifer Culp, the world’s best cellist player.

Culp has already received various awards and distinctions in the field of music, this includes her Grammy Awards as the best Chamber of Music Performer in 2003. Musician of the Year Award in 2003 for Musical America and David Bowie in Carnegie Hall in 2002.

Culp learned to play the piano at the age of three.  Since then, Jennifer Culp admitted that she didn’t want anything else but music.  She practically grew up in a very musical atmosphere and environment.  

Aside from music, she wants nothing more than mint ice cream or banana cream pie. She went under the tutelage of the best music teachers and musicians and this gives her the privilege to work and collaborate with the great musicians like Eugene Lehner and Sandor Vegh.

According to Culp, once you get hooked with music there is no turning back.  Her decision to enter the world of music has literally paid off.  Culp is now known in her field of playing the piano and the cello.

And with much and honor, the Chamber Music Society of Sacramento will conclude its season on June 10, Saturday with Jennifer Culp as their guest artist.

Jennifer Culp is set to perform with the equally world-class talents of the Chamber Music Society.  It is indeed a very honorable event for the season-ending celebration of the Chamber Music Society (CMS). Having Jennifer Culp to perform with them brings pride to the members of the CMS.

The June 10 concluding program will include music from Austria during the classical period.  

You will be serenaded with the classical music of Mozart. Hear the Piano Trio in E Major and travel back in time in the era of the 1700s.

Music from the past centuries will be brought to life as we listen to the nostalgic era of the 16th and 17th centuries. The music of Josef Haydn and Franz Schubert will also be orchestrated.

Culp will play the “Cello Quintet” with the Chamber Music Society. If you fail to watch this spectacular event, catch them live again on Sunday, June 11 at 4 p.m in the Capistrano Hall on the Sacramento State Campus-Sacramento, California.

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