LGBT Group Stages a Concert for the Fallen 49 of Orlando Shooting

The LGBT community of Orlando commemorates the lost of 49 people who died during the extremist attack in Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub about a year ago.

The victims were mostly Latin people as it was a Latin night on a gay club.

There will be a lot of organizations holding memorial services in honor of the victims but one organization, Voices of Note would like to do something else, something that will encourage people to become positive.

A lot has been said about the LGBT community, they have experienced discrimination from other people who treated them as someone who has a dreaded disease.  The Voices of Note would like to emphasize that these the time to get together and act as one.  Their unity and voices should be heard.

They mourn for their fellow men in the community who have been victims of the incident.  How the group responded to this great call for unity shows the world that they too are a human being who deserves some respect and dignity.  That this is not the time to entertain negativity of action but rather show the world that people in the LGBT community practice a positive outlook in life.

Ryan Logan, board member of the Voices of Note stated that their group should never allow for negativity to define them.  He works for the American Red Cross and he was the group’s representative in the recovery response in Orlando.

Part of his job is to regain the dignity and composition of those whose relatives were lost in the incident and the survivors of the shooting in the club who are members of the LGBT community also.

He came up with the idea of a dual musical and conversational experience after months of the shooting incident.

They will use the power of music to move the audience and to pay tribute and commemorate those 49 lives that were lost in the shooting incident.

They will highlight the 49 lives who got lost on the night of the shooting incident and will also have with them the especial people who made a very significant part in the rescue and operations. People who survived the incident.  They all make this wonderful Memoriam a very emotional thing indeed.

Sgt. Grace Peek of the Orlando Police Department will be there. She now drives a police vehicle which bears the name of the 49 victims who died during that night.

Everybody has a very interesting story to tell.  Each of these stories become an integral part of the concert which helps them on their road to recovery and freedom from the past.

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