The Life of Van Cliburn Captured in Isacoff’s “When The World Stops to Listen.”

Stuart Isacoff is a well-known pianist, author, and composer all across Europe and North America. He is acclaimed worldwide for his contributions in the art of music.  

In line with this, Stuart has recently launched a book “When the World Stops to Listen.” The book on the life of another worldly acclaimed pianist Van Cliburn, who called Forth Worth as his home.

One more time Forth Worth will become the center of attention because of the commencement of the  Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.  The success of the competition owes it to Van Cliburn himself who never stopped making good music on stage with his soulful renditions and technical excellence in playing the piano.

As a tribute to his musical contributions, Isacoff wrote the book When the World Stops to Listen: Van Cliburn’s Cold War triumph. Through the book, you will come to know the life of Cliburn.  

Isacoff began the story in 1958 in Moscow, where the charming and young Cliburn has swept off the judges by winning the competition in the first Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition over the Moskovites.

This is the onset of Cliburn’s flourishing career as a young pianist. In Isacoff’s writing, he tried to portray the simplicity of Cliburn as a person despite his ongoing success as an emerging young pianist.

Isacoff even injected some corny humor in his book but aside from this some uncalled for humor, Isacoff’s book succeeded in describing the life of Cliburn as he began climbing up the ladder of success.

When the World Stops to Listen isn’t just about the career and success of Van Cliburn.  Isacoff also tackled about the personal life of Van Cliburn.  He told about Cliburn’s life as a typical teenager growing up to his mid-adult year who enjoyed singing in the company of his friends, board games and some joy rides across town.

You will get to see the very simple life of Cliburn.  That he enjoyed his younger years and get to grow up like most normal teenagers do.

The seemingly contrasting background in the life of Van Cliburn which was highlighted in the story is the ongoing Cold War happening during that time.

Cliburn’s love for the Russian culture brought fear to his family and promoters who thought that his love for the country might be jeopardized.

Cliburn stood firm for his principles, though there are great threats and anxiety brought about by what is currently happening during the Cold War, he remained calm.  Proof to these is the legacy he left when he served as an ambassador of peace for both United States and Russia.

The book will truly bring pride to the Fort Worthians since Van Cliburn considered it his second home.

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