Los Angeles Best Concerts This Month

When you think about going to a night out with your friends or family and you’re in L.A. you don’t need to look further.  There are lots of good place to dine and have some fun.

Just by walking around the city especially where restaurant and piano bars are located you will be overwhelmed with the different neon light signs flashing right before your eyes. Just waiting to serve you.

To help you with that piano bar quest where you can sit, drink and dine, here are the best 3 Piano Bars in Los Angeles.

Here is the Best 3 Piano Bars in Los Angeles

The Red Lion Tavern

bnr-patioLocated at Glendale Boulevard. Owners are Ted Mandekic and Edward Pagliano who also owned Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffer which is quite popular in Los Angeles downtown area.

This piano bar is known for its German pub house atmosphere from the food serve and yes the beverages which is “Beer”. Once you get inside

you will immediately get the ambient of a “German-ish pub”. It’s like actually you’re in Germany but you’re actually in L.A.

Not to mention live music. No piano bar that has no entertainment. If you’ll spend your date night with anyone you’ll get what you deserve. Good food, drinks and great performance from a live artist for the night..

The Three Clubs

threeclubLocated at Vine St. Los Angeles, CA. A local nearby laidback piano bar that serve cheap price beer and cocktail drink with DJ and Band live music. Not to mention burlesque show.

This place has been a long standing nightout piano bar. Even it has been in the business for the longest time still it never fail to have a full pact night from frequent old and new customers.

According from one club reviewer he described the place as “Dark & Moody” but classy because of its casino carpeted lounged type bar and stage design where every night great performance from different artists are held.

LA Weekly honored The Three Clubs as the Best Bar in Hollywood last 2014. This piano bar is a great place for chilling with friends or with your significant other.

The Tower Bar

sunsettower-rest-towerbarquoteThe piano movers HQ recommends if you want to experience chic and classy clubbing no need to find any place but the Tower Bar.

Located in the famous Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood CA, this hotel designed hotel decor drawing offers American-French Cuisine and cool poolside dining ambient for clubbers.

Guest from different side of the metropolis around hollywood blvd. strip will enjoy sipping different type of cocktail drinks while a piano man will entertain them with jazz music all through the night.

The Tower Bar terrace is also open for bar events and parties just visit or call for reservation.

So that’s it,  the best 3 piano bars you can find in the heart of Los Angeles. If you think this article is helpful and as club enthusiast  looking for piano movers in Los Angeles, CA don’t hesitate to come forward and get in touch with us. The local staff of the Piano Movers HQ in Los Angeles will more than grateful to assist you.

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