Los Angeles Top 3 Piano Tuners

Every musical instrument you purchased definitely won’t last very long for the obvious reason that everything depreciates over time. Like the piano the longer you used it will come to the point that the keys are not working anymore and the piano is already out of tune. When This happen a piano tuner  will come to the rescue.

However, like any service industry not all can deliver the job they advertise.Some piano tuners claimed that they are reliable but in the end they will leave their customers disappointed. So it’s quite important for customers to carefully choose the best piano tuner handyman before paying the service. How can they do that? Well, you’re in Los Angeles and the best piano tuners maybe just residing around your neighborhood.

To help you with that, the Piano Movers HQ have collected Top 3 Piano Tuners in Los Angeles for your convenience. Below are the Los Angeles Top 3 Piano Tuners. Read on.

Here is the Los Angeles Top 3 Piano Tuners

LA Piano Tuning – The piano tuner David arrived without delay and had the ability to perform on our piano, an old Steinway upright. He figured out some structural issues that required a professional craftsman to address the problem before he could be executing the job. Instead of questioning me to face it, he contacted a master

carpenter himself and scheduled the visit. When problems with the piano had been resolved, David came back to our home punctually and was able to complete the job tuning.

He was totally pro, a pleasure to transact with, at a  reasonably priced.



Precise Piano Tuning & Repair – The world needs more of  Theo. I see him as being extremely polite, prompt (despite the fact that} I did inform him I was running 10 min. late), and not only very knowledgeable on piano repair but provided supreme communication explaining what he was planning to do. According to his discovery work he would then assess what options were available.

We’re talking about a 1925 baby grand piano that my dad bought in the early 50’s that my son is playing now so sentimental influences are playing a large role. Two of the dampers weren’t functioning. I’ve got 3 young boys hanging out a lot where the piano is.

With no further explanation, Theo had the ability to identify the issues quickly (self-inflicted issues by my boys which were easily corrected and did not cause permanent harm) and he had the piano working great in 10 minutes. He then insured the inside of the piano was debris free and functioning fine.

I found his rates to be extremely reasonable and reflected an honesty and integrity that deserved compensation.

I now know who to choose for my piano needs. Thank you Theo!

Ben Gaffin Piano Tuning – Ben Gaffin is a master tuner technician, trained from the best and able to troubleshoot and repair ANY problem you can encounter ANY piano. If your piano is unworthy repairing, he will honestly tell you. His rates are fair and square despite of his top experience on piano tuning.I am a concert pianist and teacher, with extensive European training, and I have used Ben for over Three Decade and recommended him to all my clients. To a person, they have all been very satisfied and blessed use him with great satisfaction. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Here you go the 3 top piano tuner to choose from. If you need to transfer your piano call our office the Piano Movers HQ Branch Los Angeles and our local team will gladly assist you.



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