Morris Choral Society Stages a Concert for Peace

A life in peace can only be achieved when you are already buried 6 feet below the ground, that’s what most people say.  For as long as you live on earth, peace seems to be an elusive piece.  

In the world where we live in, with so many personal interests, we always come in conflict with other beings.  It brings in a very chaotic situation that leads to war and undisputed killings.


A family may never live in peace if one of the family members are envious of one another.  Hatred comes in many forms. And much to our dismay, it is one of the reasons why our serenity is destroyed.

People killing other people. These abusive use of authority over the lives of other leads to the destruction of peace.  With peace, we do not want to jeopardize our own dignity and respect. At least, we do not allow other people to step on our dignity.  We fight for what we think is right.

Although peace becomes a very rare commodity and is really very hard to achieve, the peace loving people still believes that one day, it will happen.  That in our lifetime now, we can enjoy peace and serenity without getting buried in the ground.

In our present day situation where shooting incidents happen for no apparent reason at all.  How can we stay at peace? When we are living our life simply and we have been bombarded by the unlawful shootings of crazy people who don’t seem to love peace, how can we embrace it?

In line with our heartfelt longing for a peaceful and serene society, the Morris Choral Society will end its season with a concert especially dedicated to peace and all the peacemakers around the world.

The Morris Choral Society will have their concert at the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts Concert Hall on Saturday, May 20 at the Madison Avenue in Madison.

The concert will be tagged as “Peace, Triumphant Peace” will be accompanied by the Mid-Atlantic Opera Orchestra under the baton of Jason C. Tramm, Musical Director of the Morris Choral Society.

According to Tramm, they will feature different classical music which gives tribute to peace.  One of which is the “Peacemakers” their second composition which uses the healing power of music.

Music and peace go hand in hand. In music, we can deliver our message of hope to deliver us from all the chaotic situations we are in.

For all music and peace lovers there as well, come and see the concert of the Morris Choral Society as they give us their message of peace and hope to all mankind.

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