If We Get People to Call Your Business, Can You Turn Them into Paying Customers?

How Our Partnership Progam Works

1. Our customized marketing campaigns are laser focused on customers looking for Piano Moving services in your city.

2. Customers call our number for a quote and are forwarded exclusively to you!

3. You answer, book the move and profit!

Local Piano Moving Inbound Calls

90% of all our calls are from customers within 30 miles of your city. They are looking for a Piano Moving company to book within the week. Our partners typically book 60-70% of these moves as long they answer the phone!

Actually Make Money

Companies like Homeadvisor and Yellow Pages typically only sell email leads and usually to 3-4 other companies. This causes a race to the bottom of who can offer the lowest price. With our exclusive inbound calls, ONLY your company will receive all the calls allowing you to actually turn a profit!

Immediate ROI & Growth

Most of our partners have seen an immediate return on investment through our partnership. Some have seen an ROI of 200% within the first two weeks. We also offer a $75 worth of calls to start. Our partners from the trial period alone have made thousands.

What We've Done For Our Partners

Inbound Calls

We are proud to have generated over 5,000 inbound calls for our partners just in the past year. This doesn't include email leads from customers.


We currently have just over 25 partners who are working with us. We only work exclusive with one company in each city and once they're gone, you won't have the opportunity to sign up till we end our partnership.


Our partners on average stay with us for 4 years (usually longer). This means once a partnership has been established in a specific city, you will have to be on the waiting list till we need a new partner.

Partner Testimonials

Our Business is Expanding...

Thanks to Piano Movers HQ, we have been able to expand our business from 1 location to 4 new locations in different states! They truly provide the best quality leads possible from my experience. Compared to Homeadvisor, Thumbtack, Angie's List and Craigslist, they have been extremely profitable. We are very excited for our continual partnership with Piano Movers HQ as plan to grow nationwide.

- Paul, Get It Done Movers

If you are going to invest in one thing for your business this year..

Then I seriously urge you to partner up with Piano Movers HQ. David and his team has grown my business tremendously this past year. I wish I could have signed up sooner! Keep up the incredible work.

- Rick, Owner of American Music World

It Sounded Too Good to Be True...

My father and I own a moving company in San Diego and have been using Piano Movers HQ for about past 4 months. We have watched our business increase since we started receiving leads from them. I get calls all the time from business trying to sell me leads and I never trusted them. But after talking with David, I figured we would give it a try. I was hesitant at first because you are wondering are these real leads being generated for me?

I can say, we are making more money now because of the money we spend on our leads. It is crazy how much more business we have received in the past 4 months. David is easy to work with. He makes sure we are happy with the business we have been receiving. I highly recommend Piano Movers HQ to anyone that wants to build their business. If you try it, and don't like it, then you can just stop it that easily. No contracts! Just more business for you. Ask David for my number and I will be happy to speak to you.

- Matt, Co-Owner of Coleman Moving

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