Multnomah Whiskey Library, More Than Just Wines and Spirits

A winery is a property that produces wine or a business that produces wine like a wine company or a wine house. If wineries are for the production of wine, bars are restaurants that serve almost all kinds of wines, beers, and spirits.

Typically, the only difference from a winery and a bar is that a winery only sells wines and spirits while a bar would serve you your kind of wine and other food to your delight.  Most of this food would compliment the kind of wine that you offer.

We all know that there are many different classifications of wines, there are champagne, rum, whiskeys, vodka and much more.  There is one particular bar in Portland, Oregon which specializes in serving whiskeys on their bar.

Multnomah Whiskey Library offers you all kinds of whiskeys from the cheapest to the most highly priced type.  They generally have everything you want in a whiskey.

Don’t think that just because the name of the bar is about Whiskey, that’s the only thing they serve in their bar.  Nope, they basically have all the other kinds of gin, vodka, cognac and other spirits. What they wanted to emphasize is that their signature wine is Whiskey.

If you want to taste their signature wine, have a whiskey and you’ll find out why. Jordan Felix, the manager of the Multnomah Whiskey Library proudly stated that they nearly have about 940 bottles of different whiskeys, there really is so much to choose from.The bar opened in 2013, built and conceptualized by Alan Davis, former designer and social worker turned to the multi-bar owner. Multnomah is an elegantly designed bar.

Most of the menus in the bar are quite affordable to the budget, but they could also wow their customers with a whopping $1,785 per shot of single malt Macallan Royal Marriage.

But people don’t seem to matter about the price anymore, they would still want and willing to line up for the list just to get in Multnomah.

They offer exclusive membership for about $600 annually.  The best about Multnomah is the great pairing of food and wine.

According to Felix, the manager of Multnomah besides their great wine, they want to be known for great food. They believe that good food paired with a good wine would make people come back for more.

That’s where the genius mind of Chef Gabriel Pascuzzi comes in. He makes sure that the best dishes he makes would pair off with the best tasting wine to compliment the taste of the meat or whatever they serve the guests.

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