Music Festival Banned from LA State Park

Looking at L.A. as a democratic city would really raise brows over the banning of a human rights concert in Los Angeles ground.

The music festival aims to raise awareness on human rights issue was blocked off by the local leader where the concert will be held.  Originally the concert will be held at a local state park of a Chinese community in Los Angeles.  

Due to some unresolved dispute between the events organizer and the local leader of the community, the music festival was totally backed off from the area.

The president of the Chinatown Business Improvement District, George Yu claimed that he will not allow the performance of the blacklisted Music and Arts Festival in the Los Angeles state historic park unless the organizers of the festival would stop calling on the issues which the Chinese regime is constantly avoiding discussion.

On the other hand, the organizers of the event have accused Yu of discrimination. The local leader’s act of banning the music festival is a direct discrimination and denying them the liberty to express their beliefs and ideas through a music festival.  

They see this act as a strong act of hindering their freedom of expression through music. They feel strongly that the China Regime would exhaust all means to control the real issue from coming out.  This includes the mindset of the Chinese communities living overseas.

The fact that Los Angeles is a neutral ground, it shouldn’t be an avenue for such misunderstanding and chaos.  The organizers believed that they have followed the right protocol in asking permit to hold a concert in a historical state park in L.A.  

Nick Janicki, producer of  Blacklisted had applied for a concert permit to the California State Park since December.  He later learned that on January 17, his permit for the music festival concert got a locked in for July 29 in the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

It was learned during the meeting that Yu, the local leader told Janicki that there could be no Falun Gong at the concert or he could bring the festival to some other grounds.

Los Angeles State Historic Park is owned by the people.  Taxpayers own it. Everybody has the right to use the park as it is never owned by anyone but the people of the city of Los Angeles.

By trying to stop and ban the music festival, the more it becomes a real troubling issue which rattles the world.  Whoever is behind the banning of the event would clearly express that there really is something wrong going on somewhere which they do not want to divulge to the Chinese communities abroad.

Although, we don’t agree with this decision, we respect the decision of those who are in charge. Although it might not seem all that great for our team in Los Angeles since we were one of the vendors to help move pianos for Los Angeles Festival. This is great news for you because that means we have availability this summer to move your piano for you. Call the Local Piano Movers HQ Team to get a quote and schedule your piano move.






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