Music Tutorial Offered for Free in Low-Income Communities in Phoenix

Music colors our life in a very special way.  It brings a magical inspiration to every person who could be in extreme of emotions. Music can bring two people together.

As they say, music is the language of love, through music people from different parts of the world seem to understand language.

What could be more inspiring than listening to the beat and rhythm that takes us to places we’ve never been, crossed paths with people whom we have known before yet it draws us together in a very light moment.

The magic of music can never be daunted.  In a small town in Phoenix, Arizona music lessons are being offered to students who cannot afford to enroll themselves in a private music school.

In this Band Academy, students from these low-income areas get to have the same quality of instructions given by the private tutors, the only difference is that music tutorials are given to them free.

This free music lesson is sponsored by the Isaac School District Band Academy which runs under the Isaac Middle School campus.

The band practices every Saturday with a group of 80 to 100 students.  You would see students holding their instruments and running their tunes and practicing their tunes in a very small school setting.

According to one of the students Alvaro Flores, 14 yrs old he goes to school to practice his skills in playing the instrument. He said that the academy teaches them about intonation and all the other aspects of music that they need to learn in order to perfect their skills.

Colleen Bosselli, the band director claimed that the band was formed with a colleague who thought of setting up a band after their band summer camp at the Mesa Community College.

The band was formed and created through the help of Isaac School District No. 5. They funded the program which made the Academy where it is now.

Currently, there are more than a hundred students who benefitted from the program.  Most of them were of Hispanic origin which really belongs to the lowest class of the communities who cannot afford private schooling.

Aldie Lopez, band instructor in the Academy who offered his free services in the academy can easily relate to the students since he himself was once a product of these low-income families who cannot afford to enroll in a private music school.

Music indeed plays a very important part in our lives.  It is the burning passion that drives us closer to our goals.  The same passion that ignites the dreams of these students who dreams of making it big in the music industry someday.

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