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6 Reasons To Partner with piano movers hq

More Profitable

3 Reason Why It’s so Profitable

  • Customers are looking for a company that specialize in moving pianos and so you can charge higher rates.
  • Partners are closing 50% of our customers because they are highly targeted and qualified.
  • Our rates are ridiculous low compared to other companies that usually take a 20-25% cut.

Set Your Own Schedule

Other companies typically require a certain amount of hours per week as a commitment to continue getting customers. We don’t require that of our partners. You control your schedule and your business.

By working directly with the customer, you will be able to coordinate with their schedule and not worry about conflicting issues with your schedule. Plus, you won’t have to change your scheduling process.

Live Phone Call Transfers

All inbound calls and email inquiries are from customers looking for a piano moving service within 20-40 mile radius of your chosen location. 

You only pay for calls that are qualified and never for duplicate or spam calls. 

We also only work with one company in each location, which means you won’t have to race to the bottom on price.

ROI + Call Tracking System

You will have access to our ROI & Call Tracking Software system.

All calls are recorded and detailed for you to verify.  

Email + SMS alerts that way you never miss a customer call or text.

No Contract

We have no contracts or annual fee that lock you. Why?

We want a win-win situation for both our partners and don’t require a contract. 

If you ever unhappy, send us an email and we can end our oartnership immediately and part as friends.

Exclusive Terriority

Unlike other companies, we work exclusively with our partners in terms of their territory. 

We don’t round robin or send these calls to anyone but our partners in a given area. 


Good Words From Our partners

If You're Going to Invest in One Thing This Year...

Then I seriously urge you to partner up with Piano Movers HQ. David and his team has grown my business tremendously this past year. I wish I could have signed up sooner! Keep up the incredible work.

american music world

Rick Fajmon

American Music World

It Sounded Too Good to Be True...

It is crazy how much more business we have received in the past 4 months. I highly recommend Piano Movers HQ to anyone that wants to build their moving business.  Ask David for my number and I will be happy to speak to you.


Matt Coleman

Coleman Moving INC

Listen to their live recordings + REsults

American Music World
160+ Calls in 30 days

Live Recording With One of Our Customers and American Music World

Coleman Moving Inc
Average 70+ Calls in 30 days

Live Recording With One of Our Customers and Coleman Moving


We Do Marketing

We do all of the marketing for you through our website and use our expertise to promote it, free of charge.

They Call You

Customers call our tracking number, which is then transferred live to you.

You Book the Move

You tell them your pricing and your schedule to book the piano move.

What've done for our partners

Inbound Calls


We are proud to have generated over 5,000 inbound calls for our partners just in the past year. This doesn’t include email leads from customers. 



We currently have just over 25 partners who are working with us. We only work exclusive with one company in each city and once they’re gone, you won’t have the opportunity to sign up till we end our partnership.


Closing Rate

0 %

Our partners are closing at 50-60% rate and charging an average $275 per piano move. We are generating upwards of 50 calls per month and bringing thousands of dollar in revenue for our partners.


take 5 minutes to start growing your business

Partners requirement:
1. Licensed + Licensed by DOT & State (If applicable)

2. 3+ Years of Experience of Moving Pianos

3. Able to Pass a Background Check

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Current Cities Needing Partners


No! We have tried booking jobs for our partners and it has never worked successfully for 3 reasons. 

1. It’s impossible to coordinate our schedule, your schedule and the customers schedule. 

2. You make more money. You won’t be “STUCK” based upon our pricing but you will be able to charge your own rates. If we were to book the jobs for you, we will take at least 25% of a booked job and that means less money in your pocket. 

3. Customer confusion. The customer is confused by who will be moving the piano for them. We brand our partner page to be giving you more exposure.

It is like hiring a team of full time marketers in-house…but you are not paying them an hourly wage or worrying about what they are doing.

Instead you have them use a proven method that works and you just pay for the results.

It is a very one on one type of relationship.

No there isn’t a contract. We don’t lock people into anything based on a written agreement for a specified time frame. The partnership between our partners, Piano Movers HQ, and Authentic Leads LLC is a 3-way partnership designed to benefit each party. We stay together because it benefits all of us.

Authentic Leads LLC is the digital marketing agency that owns and manages this site. They also manage and own a huge network of sites in many different industries and verticals. Their experience and expertise are how they provide such incredible high quality leads. They also provide all the software and marketing for the calls to be transferred to you directly.

It’s really simple!

We do everything in terms of marketing and advertising that you should do & what you would pay others $5,000+ to do but…

We get paid off the phone calls we generate to your business via online marketing and promotion.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?

It is and that is why our Partners love us so much. They can finally stop worrying about all the technical stuff and marketing and start focusing on running a good local business and servicing the customers!

We’ve invested many hours and money into generating these highly qualified phone calls and looking to cover our marketing costs. If you’re looking for a free service, please DON’T contact us. We only work with serious partners who understand how business works. 

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