Piano Duels Make a Comeback at The Barrel Room

The Barrel room in Portland, Oregon makes a very interesting comeback with their dueling piano bar scene.

Opening this July, The Barrel room has a lot to offer in its latest pad, the dueling piano bar concept.  It has three drum kits and 3 pianos to date and with another piano hanging on the wall, (this is also playable).  This could be the loudest attempt on the dueling piano in downtown Portland.

Dueling pianos for those who don’t have any ideas about are also known as a “sing-along” kind of entertainment.  There are two grand pianos played by two professional pianists who played popular songs and hits where the audience can sing along with a touch of humor and comedy on the side.

These type of piano bars have a very substantial sound effects which played songs by request from the audience.

The modern format of the piano dueling originated way back in 1986 from Dallas, Texas, The Alley Cats.

The idea of dueling pianos literally has the idea of having 2 or more piano players who would showcase their talents and skills in piano playing and see who does it better.

In the modern day, dueling pianos are popular among some bars and restos.  It is gaining popularity as it encourages some form of entertainment to the party goers and bar hoppers who wanted to sing-along and enjoy the fun.

The Barrel room does just like that. Providing entertainment where the people likes jamming with the music and singing along with some favorite and popular hits.

The Barrel room on North West Third Avenue plays its music in the former Pala Fashion Lounge.

Portland doesn’t seem to go with the flow, but there seemed to be a great acceptance on the concept of piano dueling as it becomes a thriving concept all over the country today.

The piano dueling concept may not have been fully embraced in Portland, but through the trend set up by the Barrel Room, Portland may begin to love the piano dueling ideas and start enjoying good music in popular lounges and bars to relax.

What sets Barrel Room from the other piano dueling bar concepts is that microphones are set everywhere and the staffs are all engaging in partying and music on top of their serving duties which even more make the audience enjoy and party to the max.

Andrea Dudley Hart, general manager of the Barrel Room proudly said that their concept is one interactive idea which the public loves. They are setting the piano dueling back in the scene in Barrel Room.

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