Piano Fight Discovered How to Make It Big in the Concert Scene

Concert events and live music venues can bring you a lot of income.  It is one of the juiciest business you can run into which will definitely double your money.

The only downside of this business is that there are a lot of competitors that can make or break your business sense in the concert scenes.

Besides your competitors in the business, live music venues have to gather their cost on booking bands and artists for a concert.  Added to that is the ticketing sale which also forms part and parcel of the business.

So if you really want to make it big in the industry you have to keep up and keep going on what’s happening in and out of the concert scene. Therefore you should deeply and seriously rely on your data for tabs.  This is how the business runs.

Your team members must work fast accordingly, if not you will be run over by all the other producers and concert venues promoters on the foreground.

So from the bar manager to the marketing director, everything must be coordinated well and fast.  The numbers have to keep moving.

This is what keeps Piano Fight a veteran in the business.  Piano Fight is a San Francisco music and performing arts venue. The ins and out of the business is no new thing to them.  The difficulty of monitoring the number and keeping it moving in is no strange thing to them.

This is a very familiar scene to them and they are able to take it all lightly with a little bit of a challenge every day.

The head of the Digital Marketing at Piano Fight, Duncan Wold an engineer at the same time.  Seeing that his venue is having problems on inefficiency, he tried building a program which makes use of the  Eventbrite’s API to give a solution to the existing problem.

He was successful in the program he built, he was able to discover useful tips that any venue can use.

Using Wold’s discoveries, events and venues organizers can actually save time and money.  Having said this, this is actually the best part to make your business really worth earning and saving up a lot of money. Thus, it can make your business grow more.

Wold’s newest discoveries worked on using restaurants and bars in the ticketing business. It intends to make bars and restos easy access on the heat map ticket sales

Through the “Ticket Wizard,” an app that uses Eventbrite’s API bar owners and restos will easily generate the heat map of the monthly ticket sales.

Piano Fight really worked with series of shows weekly numbering to almost 30 or more.  This is a  lot and this could also mean plenty of reconciliation reports.

“Reconciliation Wizard” takes good care of the reconciliation reports.  It gives them an overview of everything from ticket sales to overhead cost.  All these can take less than half the time they used to before.  Having these quick reconciliation reports means being able to pay the performers on time.

Wold also built a “Twitter Bot” which automatically promotes the shows on social media.

This intelligent move from Piano Fight is really a boost in their business.  With this kind of genius functions, one can never go wrong in the business.

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