Most Popular Sound in L.A.

Music is considered a universal language.  It is the only thing that sets people, family, and even strangers together.  With music, we can communicate with people around the world.  Music is the language of love.

Although we consider music as the universal language of love, it also talks about the culture and history of a certain place.  Each place is known for the kind of music that they have.

There is one place on earth which is music abound.  The richness of its culture can be rooted in the kind of music that they have.

Los Angeles is a city with a wide array of music genres.  Rooting from history, L.A is the center of mainstream American music.  It becomes the center of Latino music which ranges from jazz, rock up to the Mexican hip hop.

The well-blended type of music that looms over the city of L.A is a characteristic of different cultures.  The most dominant of them all is Latin music.

Let us take a look on some of the most popular Latin bands in L.A. which creates the most distinct sound of the city.

Let us begin with the KIMERA band.

Kimera consists of a three male member group which plays the guitar.  Guitar and other stringed instruments are one of the distinct sounds of Latino music.

Kimera band is an L.A. based band group which highlights the Latin music ranging from gypsy rumba, flamenco, Brazilian, cha cha, and tango.

They do instrumental and with vocals as well.  They play on any occasion like weddings, company parties, and events whatever you need, they can sing for you.

Los Angeles All-Mambo Orchestra

Just to prove to you that Latino music is the prevailing genre in L.A., the number of Latino bands booming in L.A. are enough proofs of these.

Another hitmaker in the music industry of Los Angeles is the All Mambo Orchestra.  Also playing an array of Latino Music.  The group performs in many different engagements.  And the musical director of the group ensures that the orchestra delivers the quality and authentic style of music for their intended audience.

It is a 20 piece orchestra which started from a small group.  The group is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Latin music in Los Angeles.

Though in this age and time where rock and rap music prevails, the living proof that Latin music is still very much alive in Los Angeles can never be undaunted.

Surely, music in L.A. can be mixed up with the different modern sounds but definitely, the Latin music is still the current music genre in L.A.

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