Rap Music Raises the Net Worth of American Rapper, Future

Rap music first gained popularity in the United States in the early 70s.  It began with the West African musicians telling their stories rhythmically, using just the drum as an accompaniment.

Folk artists from the Carribean islands were also doing the same thing, telling stories rhythmically.  These became the foreground of rap music.

Rapping is indeed poetry in rhythm.  It is considered as one of the most complicated forms of poetry.  It involves the use of chanting or rhyming lyrics set to a beat.

When it started in the 70s, rapping was just a form of a street art among the African-American teenagers.  It was their form of greeting one another.

But it was in 1979 when rap music really paved its way into the music industry when Sugarhill Gang released their first breakaway hit, “Rappers Delight.”

Different music producers took notice of this emerging passion for rap music.  Slowly, rap music has taken its niche in the music industry and it began to swell in an instant and before you know it, the world is into rap music already.

From the 70s to the 90s, rap music becomes the golden years of rap music.  SnoopDog and Tupac become the kings of the Billboard Charts sharing it with Eminem.

It can never be denied that rap music becomes an instant part of the music genre. It’s accidental resurfacing in the world of music is very significant. From a simple street greetings to becoming one of widely followed and listened to music genre in the world today. Rap music is indeed a musical artistry.

Rap music also paved the way for Future, the famous American rapper who was born as Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, raised in Atlanta, Georgia by his Haitian parents.

It was his Dungeon producer cousin who called him Future and told him that he could have a career in hip-hop music or rapping.

True enough, Future really got hold of his future by becoming one of the hottest rap artists in the millennium. The years 2010 and 2011 were the busiest and most prosperous years in his career. He released his mix tapes, “1000,” “Sprite,” and “True Story.”

With the success of every concert he makes, it brings fortune to his net worth.  It literally made a huge increase in his bank account as he becomes one of the most popular rap artists in the world today.

He was able to earn $240,000 a year which has a very big potential to increase depending on his concert tours.

Indeed the rap music industry remains unbankable.  People and the young generation continue to love and support the rap music genre.

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