Ray Goodwin of Sicmonica Band from Phoenix Teaches and Inspires

Sicmonica is a band from Phoenix, Arizona.  This heavy metal band has 5 members namely Billy Zane Muna, Ray Goodwin, Zach Kasmer, David Digilio, and Zack Sewell.

The band played modern, progressive and some experimental music to date and has released 2 albums so far.

Currently, the Sicmonic band is under contract to Aural Music and Warner/Chapell Publishing.  The lead guitarist of the band Ray Goodwin has been endorsed by Jackson Guitars.

The latest news in the music scene of Phoenix, Arizona, Ray Goodwin, the band’s lead guitarist who lives in North Phoenix teaches piano and guitar in Anthem’s Rhapsody School of Music.

Not everybody knows that Goodwin shares his talent and passion in music to students who wanted to learn the skills in guitar and piano.  Goodwin’s type of music inspires the newbies who wanted to be a part of a band someday.

In an interview with In & Out magazine, Goodwin was asked about the reason why he teaches and his advice on aspiring young rockers who would like to follow his footsteps someday.

And he has this to say:

When asked about his style of music, Goodwin simply said that he incorporates a two-handed approach which uses an eight finger tapping, classical and flamenco picking on the guitar.

According to Goodwin, this style helped him to become fast and articulate in his music. Given this style of playing, he was able to gain a distinct style of his own, very unique and soulful.

Ray Goodwin was also asked about how he describes Sicmonic’s music.

He answered that Sicmonic although categorized as a heavy metal rock band plays with a heartfelt tapestry of sounds. Goodwin emphasized that they try to fuse classical to rock to metal and just mixed anything in between.  

That makes the unique blend of the Sicmonic band which is not just about hearing loud sounds of a heavy metal band.  They try to maintain the classy yet rock style.

In & Out magazine tried to ask why he teaches. And he has this very inspiring answer that would motivate you to learn and continue your passion in learning and teaching at the same time.

For Goodwin, teaching is the most rewarding job there is.  It is a great fulfillment for him to teach what he wanted to do every day.  Goodwin said that it is equally rewarding to teach the kids who generally develops their skills and talents in music.

And he feels greatly blessed to be able to develop those talents to people who are also gifted with skills in music.  

Music according to Goodwin, is a great escape in a stressful life.  

Ray Goodwin and the Sicmonica band is not simply a heavy metal rock band that you of.  They inspire young people through music and they help develop the talents and skills by teaching and sharing them their knowledge. That is what Sicmonica band is all about.

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