Redwood Symphony on a Free Concert at the Redwood City

Classical music is the kind of music that lasts from generation to generation. The kind of music that never grows old and never fades. It is clearly defined as an art music which is traditionally rooted from the Western side.

It includes both liturgical and secular music. Classical music has been noted for its highly sophisticated instrumental form such as the symphony, sonatas, and concertos mixed with vocals such as the opera.

These and all form part of what we call classical music.  A kind of sound which is not really appreciated by young people, who loved listening to loud sounds and noisy rock and roll music.  Having this comparison between the two kinds, it is on the extreme ends.

Rock and roll music is characterized by the loudness and highly active sounds which would rock your mind and distract your consciousness.  Classical music dwells on the serenity and calmness of every rhythm.  Every note classifies the profoundness of your emotions and feelings which bring peace and harmony to your ears.

Classical music lulls you to a feeling of peace and calmness of mind.  You seem to enjoy every moment of listening to every high and low of the music.

It is one great way to unwind and leave the worries that haunt you. Classical music brings you to your past, your childhood memories when you don’t care about anything in this world.  

You can experience this kind of serenity when you come and join the concert series at the Redwood City.  Experience a great nostalgic moment as you listen to the classical music on the square with the Redwood Symphony.

Redwood Symphony and Maestro Eric K will serenade you with the great musical soundtracks from the Jaws, Superman, Back to the Future and more.

It is one sure way to enjoy summer in the company of your family and kids and some good music to listen too.  This is the best way to introduce classical music to your children.  At an early age, exposed their ears to some of the best classical music. So that when they grow older they will never depart by their in-depth relationship with classical music.

Redwood City is committed to giving you the best of the classical music series.  They begin the activities by bringing you the Redwood Symphony for a free concert on June 24, 7 p.m. at the Courthouse Square.

This will be followed by another series of concerts and events in the days and weeks to come to give you the finest entertainment at no cost at all.

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