Relocating Is Not A Problem Anymore Especially When You Owned A Piano

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One of the major problems these days among families is relocation, especially when a family owned expensive furniture like a piano. The problem with moving out even they need to do so is somewhat not the easiest thing to do. The parents should find a way or will get through all the process before they finally come up a decision to relocate.

For one to consider is the price of moving the item like the Piano. How much it will cost? It just can’t transfer like any ordinary package or home appliance it needs a bit of “Handle it with care” course of action. So therefore, before you went all through the moving out the piano mission, you must take this following important reminder.

When transferring to another place your precious piano is at stake so it’s either you plan to move it yourself or hire a piano movers to make things less complicated. So, in this article you will find the difference between do-it-yourself against hiring a professional piano cargo company. How the two options will cost your hard earned budget.

Firstly, the cost for moving your own piano will consider some aspects you need.

You need to equip yourself with following moving tools like the four wheeled dollies, strap or strong enough ropes to keep your expensive musical from moving while on the road, assembling a moving team and of course a transportation that has enough space to accommodate your precious instruments.

It’s either you’ll borrow these moving tools or worse buy them and pay the people that will help you. So you must know this will add to your moving plan cost. And the possibility of damaging your piano while you’re moving it yourself is really evident. So whether go on with the project and hold the risk or give the stress to professional piano movers and pay instead. For practicality better hire pro movers to do the job.

Now you’re hiring piano movers, you will have the following list of things to consider. The type of piano you have, the distance of relocation. And for the piano movers you need to know their hourly rate, fixed rate and truck rental.

For short distance within the local city it would cost at least $100 – $850

For long distance within the country it would cost as much as $1000

For overseas moving it may cost as much as $3500

However the estimated national average cost is about $600 – $2000 or it depends on how expensive your treasured piece of instruments, how old or new.  The prize can be verified from this following aspect. So, you can expect to move an attic piano for a prize of $3000 to $100000.

Tools needed for moving your precious musical instruments and its value;

Four wheeled dollies are $ 125

Straps or ropes are $ 25

Piano Belts are $ 25

Skid boards are $ 125

Don’t forget to include the packaging tapes, blankets and moving pads. These tools are also needed for the moving.

The obstacles of moving the piano is also visible. And what are these two common difficulties when moving your priceless piano?

The area where you will place the piano – Not all residential are the same, so you’re opt for a challenge when your new place is located on the top floor. So definitely this would make your moving uneasy.

The pathway where you’re delivering the piano – If the terrain or road where the piano will be transferred is difficult. It’s either rough or narrow of some sort.

Aside from the usual moving cost there are also extra charges to look up to like;

  • The schedule of moving whether its rush or not there’s an additional charges for this process.
  • The weather condition is also important. This will also cost you extra payment if you’re moving is on winter or rainy season where moving is really difficult.

Relocating is really not going to happen overnight especially if you’re moving a piano. However, it will never become difficult if you’ll just know that right thing to do before you dwell on this moving project. Just get the best piano movers in your town that can give you reasonable price and most of all can keep your piano secure while in the process of transferring.

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