Rookies Sports Lodge Opened a New Court in San Jose

Who says sports is just played in courts?  Not with the Rookies Sports Lodge, it found its new court in downtown San Jose.  The former pizza parlor has changed its image into a sports bar with a ski lodge vibe.

Yes, there is another kind of sports cooking up in the Rookies Sports Lodge. A new set of menus and a whole lot more concoctions brewing up to set the mood for a new action-packed sports themed bar.

Finding its second location in San Jose, California, it is a lot comfortable seating in the corner spot of the area. Being situated in a corner spot location, it brings a different atmosphere and ambiance to the public.

Adding excitement and fun to its new location is the more than two dozens of TV sets scattered all over the place, this will give you a good glimpse and catch up of watching your favorite basketball game or any other sports aired during the time while eating and munching on your favorite burger.

The interior design could pass an upscale appearance.  It shows a very comfy and cozy atmosphere. With power sockets placed around the bar, you can always find a way to plug your phones or laptops in, without extra charge.

This bar is really just as friendly to all our techy friends out there who can’t live without going online in a day.  This will surely be the best place to connect with your friends while you enjoy your cocktail at Rookies Sports Lodge.

The existing light wood and stone decor adds up to the very inviting atmosphere added to that the antler chandelier that makes up the whole design to be your next neighborhood cocktail joint where pizza and beer can be enjoyed while watching your favorite games.

Enough with the appearance and atmosphere, Rookies Sports Lodge is not only good to look at, taste its food and you will definitely lose your senses.

The bar takes pride in the wide array of their burger specialties.  Not to mention their pizzas, chicken wings, fries, meatballs and other sandwiches.

Beer lovers will never be disappointed with a lot of varieties to pick. There are around 40 taps and bottles to choose from. It also offers a full bar where you could enjoy drinking vodka and wine and other mixed cocktail drinks to your delight.

The only downside of this bar is that not all drinks and mixes are listed on their menus. Most bars have their list of drinks on display.

Generally speaking, Rookies Sports Lodge is a must visit cocktail sports bar in its new location in San Jose, California.

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