Seattle Best Concerts This Month

There are many reasons why there’s a lot of concert happening lately, to give entertainment for everyone. But the only difference is the element of performance level in every shows. Some are alright but some are really in high spirit giving entertainment to everyone.

If you’re thinking about leisure time with your friends, family or significant other the best date is going to a concert. Although there are many show available to see in Seattle, there are at least 3  most must see event this month.

To give you a heads up here are Seattle Best Concert This Month.

Sinner Saint Burlesque

Sinner Saint Burlesque features the amazing sexy talents namely Evilyn Sin Claire, Jesse Belle Jones, Polly Wood, Lolita “Tatas” Valentino, Ember Divine, and Miss Patty Cupcake with Host, comedian Nicole Lucas!

These strip trease performing arts group is so popular around WA Seattle and its surrounding nearby areas even in international borders.  5 girls and a female host who have their own character when performing.on stage. Their shows are “Revolution” wherein the girls perform about social justice and sexuality and the “

Electroswing” wherein the vintage dance meets the modern dance era. They also have other shows to offer to their die-hard fans old and new.

They performed on thursday and fridays and depending on their given booking schedule.  The group was founded in 2006.

Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival

Bumbershoot was the first concert/festival I’ve been to. I still {go back|revert} almost {every year|annually} since that {first time|very first time}.

Definitely get VIP when buying tickets here! They are expensive, but {compared to|as compared to} regular price and the benefits it is definitely worth it. You get food, all you can drink, short lines and VIP sections that {are close to|join} {the stages|show business}. They have other surprises for VIP too, so I definitely recommend it!

The Music & Arts FestivaL is already open for tickets online. Since this a big event every year happening in Seattle a lot of concert enthusiast are wishing to witness the musical show of all time. The gig will feature some well known local bands plus additional 100 artist. This is not just happening in one day. This is a 3 days musical event. So definitely can be considered woodstock of the new generation.

The main concern I have for Bumbershoot is the ticket prices have been getting higher and higher each year. The acts they get are well worth the price, but emerging from the Eastside daily or getting a hotel accumulates the expenses when {going to|visiting} a festival enjoy this. It is also very laid out, so get ready to carry out some serious walking.

So Seattle is indeed one of the best place to see shows that will make your life  memorable one. Now for your transit needs to carry out your baby grand anywhere just call our local office Piano Movers HQ Seattle, WA and ask for quotation.

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