Sports and Music Blend Well Together

Have you ever wondered how music and soccer can blend together?   Can this be ever possible?  Well, music and soccer have finally found a way of connecting to one another.  Music producer Mike Will Made-It becomes a major fan of Atlanta’s new MLS team.

Having a fun of soccer coming from the music sector could be the link between music and soccer. Soccer is a popular game in the US and across Europe.  Basically, football is a team sport which generally involves kicking a ball to score a goal.

Football roots back from ancient history, it is often called a peasant game. Going back to history, the ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have as many ball games as ever.  Some of these ballgames made use of the feet.

So to speak, the game of football only tells us that people from around the world are hooked into playing ball games like football.  If you aren’t into ballgames, you could be one of the fans who admired players in the field cheering for them, this is what music producer, Mike Will Made-It has become.

He is not into playing football, but he definitely loves watching the players playing soccer.  So, he is bringing his passion towards the sports that he liked.

The top music producer has worked with almost all the biggest name in the entertainment industry like Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry just to name a few.

Major Leagues Soccer’s Summer Beat campaign is the best reason why Mike Will-Made It can link soccer to music by hosting the show.  It will feature DJ Swift from the Outkast and other special guests.

Summer beat wants to highlight the connection between soccer and music and a series of this kind will be held this coming weekend in Seattle and San Jose, California.

Tickets for the concert will be free.  The show will start at 7:30 p.m.

Mike Will is a native of Marietta, a place which is just a few miles from the soccer team’s new training ground.  Will is so excited about the team representing Atlanta.

He just couldn’t contain his excitement and joy over how proud he is that he comes from Atlanta. He is just too proud in the City of Atlanta for being underdog champs.

The pride of seeing how Atlanta succeeds and experience victories from generations to generation is truly a remarkable feeling.

Expect to have more concert series of this kind, a concert where sports and music meet.

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