Stay in One of the Kid-Friendly Hotels in Seattle

Traveling is leisure time.  Having the chance to roam around the world is a great experience.  New places to go, new and exciting things to explore are all in for your traveling experience.It will always be pleasurable if we travel with our family. It gives us the best and the most satisfying feeling if we have our travel buddies with us.  

For most families traveling together, their first and foremost consideration is when they are traveling with kids.  Visiting and exploring places is really enjoyable and fun.  But at the end of the day, we all need a place to rest and recharge for the next day activities.  

We all wanted that this place can give us the comfort and convenience of our home.  Something which can give us the relaxation and comfy surroundings that eventually gives our kids same enjoyment as we do.

Seattle is one of the best cities to visit and explore.  Your eyes will definitely feast on the many beautiful places and sights to discover.

Seattle just knows what you wanted for your place of comfort.  One thing that Seattle got an edge over the other cities in the world is that it can offer you the best child-friendly hotel in the area.

If you worry about your kids staying in a hotel, Seattle simply gives you the best answer.  Your child/ren will definitely find a home in one of the best hotels around.

We gonna give you a rundown of these child-friendly hotels in the City of Seattle.  First, we have the Watertown Hotel.

  • Watertown Hotel

Located in the University district of Seattle, you can actually have a walk through downtown Seattle.  With just $212 a night, you can enjoy many freebies like wifi, outdoor pool, laundry, and shuttle.

The kids will not miss home with the kind of homey service that they have.  It is like having to stay home away from home.

  • Westin Seattle

Also located nearby the City Centre, staying in Westin Seattle will definitely give you arms reach of just about anything you need.

Wanted to go to Space Needle?  Simply take the monorail and you’re off for your head turning experience at Space Needle and the Seattle Centre.

It has an indoor pool which the kids will love and a gym to keep you fit while on your journey.  It has a kids club which gives them access to bottle warmers and umbrella strollers.

With just a $154 per night, you are on for a great deal.

  • Seattle’s  Hotel FIVE

It has the best location so far in the Northern part of Seattle.  Space Needle and Seattle Center is just around the corner.  No need to used the monorail to get there since you are already there.

Nice location right?   They also offer free wifi and shuttle service to bring you to other attractions like the Seattle zoo and the Pike Place Market.

You are in for a good deal with  $157 a night.

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