Tickets for Cliburn’s Piano Competition Given For Free to School Kids

Fort Worth, Texas is the home to the Cliburn’s International Piano Competition.  This prestigious piano competition becomes the pride and honor of Fort Worth.

Van Cliburn, himself has stated that he considers Fort Worth as his second home.  This is what made the competition a very important event in Fort Worth, Texas who only holds the event every four years.

Prestigious as it is, the ticket prices for this event carries quite a  hefty price tag. Some guys may have all the luck like the school kids from the Westcliff Elementary Fort Worth who will be treated free for this event.

These lucky school kids will not only get a glimpse of the contestant but they get to be up close and personal with the performers of world class piano competition.

The young kids will appreciate for the first time the beauty and enchantment of classical music. Russian pianist, Sergey Belyavskiy played a selection of popular classical music for the school kids who were in their 4rth and 5th grade.

Jacques Marquis, President, and CEO of the Cliburn International Piano Competition said that it aims to give the students exposure to classical music for them to appreciate its beauty and remove the stuffy image that has been associated with classical music.

Despite offering a very expensive ticket price, they wanted to make it as affordable as possible to young kids by giving it to them free.  According to Marquis, he believes that it is also the desire of Cliburn to give awareness to the young generation about what classical music is all about.

Knowing that the kids nowadays are exposed to modern music like rap and rock and roll, they still have yet to appreciate the beauty and magical sound of the past like classical music which has the power to remain in the mainstream in the years to come.

If the kids will not be able to appreciate piano classical music, it will die down in the future.  We need to build a new generation of new musicians who would play to their heart’s desire like Van Cliburn.

Music should also be the passion of the new generation.  Classical music has to live and survive.  We can only make it by raising the number of those who can appreciate it.

Several students from the 5th graders were interviewed and luckily most of them have appreciated the music well.

The Cliburn International Piano Competition will commence on June 10 with 30 participants from 15 countries.

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