Two Russian Pianist Showed Power and Skills in the Cliburn Piano Competition

Russia is a very significant place for the world acclaimed pianist Van Cliburn.  It is in Russia that he won his very first Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition.  That award led to many achievements in the life of Cliburn.

Today in the 15th  Cliburn International Piano Competition, two Russians are competing in the said event.  Both are excellent in their piano playing skills and were considered as the oldest competitors in the event.

With the age of 29 and 30 respectively, they are the oldest competitors in the semi-final rounds.  Yuri Favorin, 30 yrs old, becomes one of the tough contenders in the Cliburn Piano Competition.  He is a member of the Moscow Conservatory Faculty and he demonstrated a unique solid tone which comes from the bottom up.

He currently prepares two strong sonatas of Beethoven and Shostakovich’s First. Favorin was able to capture the exact emotions in Beethoven’s masterpieces, played with the most appropriate fury.

Georgy Tzaidze,29 yrs.old uses Schumann’s Waldszenen which opened in a very striking tone. You can tell the quality of his music in a very distinctive tone. The naturality of the tone would tell you that everything you hear is very calm and at ease yet presented in a very delicate manner with very disparate movement.

Competing in a prestigious piano competition like Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is really very tough yet if you were able to make it even up to the semi-final rounds, you are already considered one of the best pianist in the world.

It was just the semi-final rounds and yet two Russian pianists have already shown their prowess on the competition. Along with the 15 other finalists who would compete and a more younger pianist as their competitors.  These two Russians were not really considered far behind.

Their age may be considered old compared to the other contestants but their piano skills are considered excellent.  Their age can only tell that they are more experienced and highly-skilled in terms of piano playing.  

They play explicitly from their heart.  And you can tell by the way they play that music is already in their system.  Music is how they breathe.  It is what makes them alive.  It is their power and playing the piano is second nature to them.

Catch them up live on the Cliburn International Piano Competition at Base Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. Never missed this chance to see the world’s elite pianist competing against the 15th Cliburn Piano Competition.

Who would take home the award?  Find out in the Finals Round of the Cliburn International Piano Competition.

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