Urbanski, Lifts Up His Magic Baton for Another Concert

Krzysztof Urbanski, born on October 17, 1982, is a known Polish conductor and composer.

Urbanski is a popular conductor who studied at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He got his first award in the conducting competition in 2007 in the Prague Spring International Competition. He graduated that time at the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

In September 2009, Urbanski made his first conducting appearance in the Trondheim Symphony of Orchestra. After that appearance, he was named the next chief conductor of the Trondheim Symphony of Orchestra, where he had signed a contract for three years.

It was in April 2010 when Urbanski made his first guesting as conductor of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. And it was the beginning of a good partnership between Urbanski and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Maestro Urbanski will once again raise his magic baton and conduct the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, as they prepare for four concerts over the weekend.

With Maestro Urbanski leading the concerto of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Symphonic Choir, you would really be mesmerized and drowned into the magical music that will envelop you through the night.

This magical symphony was in fact experienced by the spectators walking through the park of Monument Circle for a series of rehearsals.

It was an ordinary night, for ordinary passers-by who are simply enjoying the walk or just passing around.  But it was not until the clock strikes 10 p.m. when the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Symphonic Choir gather together for their rehearsals.

There you would hear the gentle blending of the voices with the music as it raises in intensity and passion.

Male singers take the center stage as they sing songs from the “Tavern Life.” You will feel the greatness and resonance of their voices from pianissimo to triple forte.  The dynamics in music and voices are well-blended.

One can see the greatness of Maestro Urbanski’s conducting skills.  Without the genius mind of the Maestro, the band and the singers could have gone all wrong.  In music, the conductor is the driver, he leads the musician and the singers to where he wanted them too.

The very emotions that he wanted to express should be detailed with every movement of his baton.  Maestro Urbanski loves his craft in music so well.  He did not feel tired at all.  He did not lose his energy in conducting, rather, the more intense the music heats up, the more energy he has.

Watch out for the upcoming concerts of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra with the Symphonic Choir for their night of music and concertos.

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