Visiting Seattle’s Best Bars and Resto

Every city is a great city.  But what makes a certain city distinct is its natural resources and the natural wonders of nature that make it unique and beautiful on its own.

Seattle is one unique and distinct city in the Northwest of America. Known as the Emerald City, Seattle can boasts of the richness and vastness of its region.  

Who never dreamt of visiting the Space Needle which is one of the famous landmarks of Seattle?  Remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle?”  All these remind us of the beauty of the place.

One thing remarkable about Seattle is enjoying the food and restaurants that will surely satisfy your palates.  Seattle’s cuisine offers a different taste which is distinctively theirs.

Generally, there are many different places to enjoy good food and share some drinks with family and friends around.  Let’s try to have a run down on some of the best restaurants and bars to visit when in Seattle and you will surely never miss the best thing in the city.

We begin by visiting The Garage.  The Garage located on Capitol Hills is purely for adult visitors only.  Uh-oh, it is not what you think it is, is good for adult visitors only would mean that this is the place where the big boys play.

Aside from offering you good food and good beer, the place also has 20 bowling lanes where you can really have a good time with friends added to that are the pool tables and we can vouch that the drinks are really reasonable and up to the budget that will not slash your pockets. Great deal right?

Next stop is The Rhein Haus.  This one depicts the Bavarian style beer hall.  Beers overflowed alongside with sausages and pretzels.  So if you are up with beer drinking with your buddies, hey man this is the place to go.  Make sure that you made that reservation if you are going on a weekend, coz surely the place is on a full house during these days.

Rhein Haus is not strictly for adult visitors.  It is open for all ages and you are free to bring in your family members during the weekend brunch. The kids will definitely enjoy the sausages.

Mox Boarding House

Mox Boarding House is a joint venture of Cafe Mox and the Card Kingdom. It used to be on a separate operation but has decided to join forces and be known now as the Mox Boarding House.

What sets it apart from other restaurants in Seattle is that aside from the good food that satisfies the palates, it is also a place to enjoy board games.  It becomes a haven for Pokemon and Magic enthusiasts.  It has become nothing more than a tournament game room for board game players but a newbie will always be welcome.

How about enjoying a nice beer while enjoying your monopoly games?

When you visit Seattle, make sure to make some nice try at this resto bars and you would surely come back again for a real good time.

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