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Experienced Piano Movers Experienced Piano Movers
Our piano movers do not under staff and we do not hire day labor movers. They take pride on being on time and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Whatever brand piano you might own and need to move, they have the experience in Waco and confidence to providing you the safest piano move ever.
Efficient Delivery Efficient Delivery
Piano Movers HQ aim to get your piano moved as soon as possible. Our movers often provide same day delivery if they have availability at no extra charge. If you’re in need to schedule your piano move at a specific time, they also provide you with flexible scheduling so they can move your piano at your earliest convenience.
Insured in Waco Insured in Waco
Piano moving requires additional licensing and insurance. Our specialized piano moving partners are properly insured in McLennan County so you don’t have anything to worry about.
Complicated Move? Complicated Move?
Do you have a complicated piano move? Need to go up flights of stairs or setup on stage? Our movers have the experience to set it up all properly. Are you moving across Waco? No matter what the situation, we can help.



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I contacted these guys and 7 other piano moving companies one morning and got a response from these guys first. They were able to move my piano the very next day while all the others were booked until late June.John M.
Easy to keep in touch with to schedule appointments via text. We texted back and forth until the timing worked for both our schedules and they let me know when the piano was picked up and their ETA to my house. They handled the piano with care. Quick, painless, good pricing. Probably the best in Waco, TXBob P
Nice guys. They did everything under the time I anticipated it would take. They were very professional and friendly. Handled my standup piano very well even going up a flight of stairs! If you’re looking for someone reliable, go with this company.Rebecca F.




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Piano Movers HQ in Waco, TX know exactly how important your baby grand piano is since we’re musicians ourselves. This company was started to find and partner with highly trained piano movers that understand just how to move a piano without causing damages to your precious piano. From our 10 years of piano moving experience, we’ve help relocate over hundreds of all types of upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and organs. This give us the know how to ask the right questions in finding the perfect piano moving partners in Waco. 

Inside Main Standards When Looking At Piano Moving Companies

Some individuals might state that relocating a piano is not too troublesome as they only need a couple of men to carry it and there won’t be any problems. However, it’s easier said than carried out because aside from being extremely heavy, a piano is composed of various parts like the pedal, keys and wires. A piano is normally created from wood so you could already expect that it would be heavy and the various parts are extremely costly as well so if you accidentally damaged one of the various parts, it would cost you lots of money. Piano relocating is not a simple task so you need an expert who may help you do this without causing damage to your piano. You need to look for the best piano movers in McLennan County to ensure that your piano will most likely be transferred properly to your desired location. If you’re still hesitant, listed here are a few points to know.

Piano Is A Delicate Equipment

If you’re likely to move an incredibly old piano, you have to be careful that you don’t damage any of the various parts because it would be very costly. A small part of the piano can already cost you a lot of money, specifically if it is extremely old already. It is a delicate equipment so you must know how you could handle this correctly before you move it to a new room or house. This is a primary reason why you need to look for a piano moving company to help you.

All of the parts of an old piano is extremely delicate so if you don’t have any assurance that you can transfer it safely, look for a transporting company to help you.

It is Convenient For You

If you’ll employ local piano movers, you won’t have to spend a lot of time moving the piano on your own or looking for individuals who may help you carry it. You should keep in mind that a piano is very heavy so 2 or 3 individuals won’t be sufficient to relocate it.

Convenience is undoubtedly a primary reason to look for piano movers and it will likely be more beneficial to you if you’re too busy to do the relocating by yourself.

Another thing is that these movers already have a vehicle that will let them move the piano. Even if you have a car, it will likely be impossible for the piano to fit your vehicle so you need someone with the right vehicle to help you.

Insurance will almost always be among the best reasons to hire a relocating company because they could guarantee that your piano will most likely be transferred safely. Piano movers near me generally have insurance so if you intend to get a relocating company, you must check if they are covered by insurance. If they accidentally damaged the piano or a particular part was damaged while it’s being relocated, it will likely be replaced by the insurance. This is a much better option since you will have to cover the expenses if you’ll move the piano by yourself.

You may contact us now if you’ll need some facts about our piano moving services. If you want a quotation for our services, we are always here to help you.

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Waco, Texas

Waco (/ˈweɪkoʊ/ WAY-koh) is a city in central Texas and is the county seat of McLennan County, Texas, United States.[3] It is situated along the Brazos River and I-35, halfway between Dallas and Austin. The city had a 2010 population of 124,805, making it the 22nd-most populous city in the state.[4] The 2017 US Census population estimate is 136,436[5] The Waco Metropolitan Statistical Area consists of McLennan and Falls Counties, which had a 2010 population of 234,906.[6] Falls County was added to the Waco MSA in 2013. The 2018 US Census population estimate for the Waco MSA is 271,942.[7]

Indigenous peoples occupied areas along the river for thousands of years. In historic times, the area of present-day Waco was occupied by the Wichita Indian tribe known as the "Waco" (Spanish: Hueco or Huaco).

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